With Use Of Iranian Base, Russia Is Trying To Send Clear Message

On August 15, Al-Masdar News, an outlet with close ties to the Syrian government’s security apparatus, released photos of a Russian TU-22M3 long-distance strategic bomber, which were reportedly taken at the Hamadan airfield in Iran. By the next morning, Russian state-run media was running reports that Russian strategic bombers had taken off from the Iranian base and struck targets in Aleppo, Deir ez-Zor, and Idlib provinces in Syria.

Syrian activists and citizens posted videos of the massive devastation and reportedly high casualty rates on the ground as the result of air strikes, some of which were presumably the work of Russia’s TU-22M3s.

  • Russia has always dealt with Iran.

  • Jay Currie

    I blame Bush…er, Obama.

    Frankly the Russians are welcome to the hellhole which is the Middle East save Israel. Good luck to them. Bombing is an excellent start.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Russia is demonstrating to Obama that he has nearly no role to play in the outcome of this. Russia is demonstrating that it can operate more or less as it sees fit whenever it likes.

    The other facet – just as important is that the Tu-22M3 is a purpose built anti naval forces, ‘carrier killer’ deployed for area denial. It would shock me if in each of the 4 planes the Russians deployed one of the 4 seats wasn’t occupied by an Iranian sent to train and evaluate the operation in light of Iranian interest to purchase a few of these and deploy them over the Persian gulf. With a credible S-400 air control system and a few anti carrier cruise missile planes (which is precisely what China has done with them in the South China sea) Iran is in a position to largely dictate terms over the Persian Gulf and Straits of Hormuz including controlling the crude carrier traffic and forcing the price of crude way way up.