Trump on Fighting Radical Islam: Rock Solid

His policy statement reflects state-of-the-art knowledge on counterterrorism.

On August 15, Candidate Trump delivered a major speech on fighting terrorism. These days, everything has become intensely partisan, so I preface my assessment with the following self-disclosure: I have been a lifelong Independent, usually leaning towards the Democrats. I have worked on the issues central to this speech – immigration, integration, youth radicalization, nation-building, political Islam and counterterrorism – for the bulk of my professional life, first with a European think tank and then at the RAND Corporation. At RAND, my research focused on how to distinguish radical and potentially violent segments of the Islamic populace from garden variety religious folks. My team spent time in Baghdad trying to help the military figure out which detainees to worry about and which ones to release. In our 2013 study Eurojihad, we evaluated the policies of European governments and warned that their intelligence was inadequate, their cooperation with each other and with the U.S. needed to be beefed up, many of their social policies were naïve and that without major efforts, terrorist attacks were likely; events have sadly borne this out.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Implicit in this is that Trump has hired top notch advisors.
    And he listens to them.

  • V10_Rob

    He’s not going to get any significant additional mileage out of speaking outrageous truths. But if he keeps beating Clinton over the head with hard policy, he’ll have this.

    Even if he entirely muzzled his bloviating side, the leftist media would still have to report his remarks for free at this stage.

    Public: “So, what happened on the campaign trail today?”
    Media: “Clinton said this that and the other thing.”
    P: “And Trump?”
    M: “Hmmm?”
    P: “What did he say?”
    M: “What did who say?”
    P: “Trump. What did he say?”
    M: “Nothing.”
    P: “What do you mean, ‘Nothing’? Trump never shut ups, and you’ve never shied away from reporting at length on his every brain fart. What’d he say? Spit it out.”
    M: “Nothing! He just gave a speech about (mumble)”
    P: “About what?”
    M: “…Fighting terrorism.”
    P: “Uh huh. And?”
    M: “Working with other nations, even Russia, to destroy ISIS.”
    P: “Inconceivable.”
    M: “And he wants to screen out refugees from jihadist hot spots whose values are diametrically opposed to a constitutional democracy.”
    P: “Outrageous. Why does he want to do that?”
    M: “So that America isn’t inundated by hordes of migrants who turn their host country into a shithole like Europe has.”
    P: “Madness. Does his treachery knows no bounds?”
    M: “I know, right?!”
    P: “We’re being sarcastic.”
    M: “What?”
    P: “Nevermind. Maybe we should look at this first-hand instead of using your Coles Notes…”
    M: “No, don’t do it! It’s horrible and racist and icky!”