Ten women kicked off Cannes beach and fined for wearing burkinis

Ten women including young mothers and grandmothers have become the first to be criminalised for wearing burkinis on a French beach, it emerged today.

All were reprimanded by police officers in the Riviera resort of Cannes, and forced to leave the sand.

Four were fined the equivalent of £32, while all received ‘warnings’ that will now technically form part of their criminal records.

The Hijab, Niqab and the Burkini are political statements by a supremacist cult, they have no place in civilized society.

  • Reader
    • JoKeR

      What’s the problem with burkinis?

      If those women wearing them were to take them off on the beach, I am sure most of us would be shouting, “put them back on! Please put them back on!” when we see that they are so ugly!

  • H
    • Alain

      Not that I disagree, but consider that Canada cannot even muster the honesty and courage to take that wee step.

  • John

    So the ladies can no longer wear their gang-colors on the beach. Good.

  • JoKeR

    Is that what that is?

    I thought it was some creature from a Stephen King novel headed back to its home, out in the deep sea!

  • Alain

    Yes, it is always about making a political statement (giving the host country and its citizens the finger).

  • Good.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    There is a safety factor involved in that the wearers might be mistaken for beached whales.

  • Mike Smith

    The picture looks scary, might be mistaken for a shark. Looks a bit like a black concorde emerging from the deep! There is nothing wrong with wearing a full body swimsuit with a cover-up robe, This is a political statement by brainwashed and oppressed women….

  • G2

    Has anyone ever seen a picture of a sharmuta in a burkini at a beach in Saudi or Pakistan or anywhere else in the ummah? I’m pretty sure they don’t have prayer rooms in airports or workplaces any place in dar al islam either. I may be wrong, but I think not.

    • Alain

      When I lived and worked in a Muslim country there were no prayer rooms in the schools and university, nor were street blocked for “prayer” You are also correct about the airport and workplaces. Also I should add that school and work continued during ramadam and none complained.