Now Choudary’s burka-clad wife is probed by the police

The wife of Anjem Choudary is being investigated by police after being caught on camera leading a secretive group of women supporting Islamic State.

Rubana Akhtar, 42, who is the leader of the female wing of Choudary’s banned terror group, Al-Muhajiroun, is likely to be quizzed by Scotland Yard over the clandestine meetings.

She was filmed promoting IS and her abhorrent views about ‘filthy Jews’.

  • It apparently took the British police twenty years to find sufficient justification to nail Choudary for spouting his daily hatred and fomenting of terrorism, sadistic violence and the overthrowing of Western Civilisation.

    From what I have been reading lately it would probably take them less than twenty minutes to bang up some quiet old pensioner for saying anything even remotely and faintly critical of the revolting, violent, brainwashing politico-military creed that the equally revolting Choudary has spent the last twenty years peddling.

    How the Lefties who so aggressively support such an abominable distortion of justice and sanity can sleep at night I do not know.

    • simus1

      The marxists and their useful idiot allies who increasingly control how all bureaucracies function today see muslim fanatics as the tool to be used to destroy the social fabric of the stuborn Christian working class who refused to worship Karl Marx and drink their mandatory communist kool-aid.

    • Excellent point.

  • ed

    I`ve just posted the vid on your face book page of the enemy within

  • xavier

    Personally I hope the wife goes to jail too. In fact the lot should be tossed in a remote supermax in solitary for many years.

    Monastic silence will do them some good