Muslim refugee brought to Maine by Catholic Charities dies waging jihad for the Islamic State

Catholic Charities is criminally irresponsible and suicidally short-sighted. They are endangering people in Maine and all over the United States by bringing these jihadis into American communities that are unprepared for them, all the while lying to them and telling them that there is no jihad threat related to the refugees, and that anyone who says otherwise is a racist and a bigot and adissenter from the magisterium.

Adnan Fazeli went to the Islamic State to wage his jihad. What if he had decided to wage it right there in Portland, Maine? What’s to stop the next jihadi refugee that Catholic Charities brings to Portland from deciding to do just that?

  • BillyHW

    No more faggot priests.

    Not one more.

    • Tweety58

      Get over yourself- there are predatory homosexuals in schools,Scouts,sports etc.

      At least the Catholic Church has faced this head on and continues to deal with this horrible SIN….the others…nada.

    • Maurice Miner

      Get over yourself- there are predatory homosexuals in schools,Scouts,sports etc.

      At least the Mohammedans have faced this head on and continue to deal with this horrible SIN….by throwing them off buildings, or strangling them with crane hangings.

      • simus1

        Not quite the case. The shorthand version.
        What is acceptable to islam is the preying on the weak and helpless via forcible sodomy by the strong and superior. Think prison rape within entire countries that are really prisons.
        What is unacceptable to their muslim social mores and resolved by sharia sanctioned murder is two homosexuals behaving very much
        in the manner of a western married heterosexual couple.

        Almost all the western churches are now led by disgusting groups of slimy politicians who look with PC favour on these barbarian migrant collecting and sheltering virtue signaling phonies.

  • Alain

    They couldn’t find a Christian refugee to sponsor? What a disgusting bunch!