Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Muslims

Under the administration of President Barack Hussein Obama, guess which group seems to rate most-favored status?

One guess…

  • The Butterfly

    Transbutterflies baby!

  • Ed

    Nice to see them elevating their minds

  • andycanuck

    I think that it’s actually “give me your Moslem asses yearning to be unfree”.

  • Dana Garcia

    No surprise — Obasma likes Muslims, unlike Americans, whom he is always lecturing.

  • Gary

    Justin has about 4 months to bring in the rest of the 50,000 muslim migrants plus he is bent on 50,000 per year in his first term.
    200,000 pro-sharia homophobic jew-hating muslims will be on welfare and add to the current anti-Canada jew-hating homophobic muslims already here that want sharia law .
    Imam Steve Rockwell had freely opined that Canada will be an islamic State one day because muslims will dominate for out breeding all other groups . Rockwell used the quran to to prove that muslims must do Jihad to claim Canada for islam once they are the majority.

    Imam Rockwell was oh so kind to to point out that Canadians can stay here but if they don’t covert or pay the Head tax to keep their faith they will be kicked out.