Why Toronto LGBTQ Activists are Suing an Infamous Anti-Gay Leader for $104 Million

Bill Whatcott marched in July’s Pride Parade and handed out anti-gay literature, according to the lawsuit.

One of the usual suspects filed the suit, George Smitherman.

I don’t consider pointing out the incidence of sexually transmitted disease within the gay community to be hate speech, but then this is Canada – land of the “Hate Fact”.

Warning – Page One of the Whatcott Flyer is likely NSFW.  Page two, well you decide.

Gay Zombies Page 1

Gay Zombies Page 2

On a lighter note… From our longtime reader Pongo

We can always call them Bulgarians. — Samuel Goldwyn (Attributed)

“We can always call them Bulgarians,” is a quotation attributed by Wilella Waldorf to “Samuel Goldwyn or somebody” in the New York Post, September 17, 1937. (as cited in The origin of “Bulgarian” as a euphemism for sexual minorities.) The euphemism was used in American cinema and theatre when referring to gay and lesbian characters on screen and on stage starting in the first half of the 20th century. What made me think of this is my recent trip to Bulgaria. I left Ottawa, bound for Bulgaria, on July 14th and returned on July 25th. I met up with my friend Plamen in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, and embarked on a whirlwind tour with him as my guide and interpreter.

  • ontario john

    Black lives matter thugs can stop a parade and get immediate concessions from the pervert parade, but someone hands out leaflets and that person will be persecuted to the fullest extent of the law in Sunny Ways Ontario.

    • We live in interesting times.

      • Alain

        Much like the final days of the Roman Empire.

    • dukestreet

      It’s because he’s Christian. Anyone else would likely have been fine. Christians are the bad people these days according to the elites.

  • Because they’re broke?

    Because they’re @$$holes?

  • The Butterfly

    So we’ve gone from freedom of speech to freedom from speech.

  • truepeers

    What are they going to do when a brown guy of some other religion disrupts the parade with some tower diving photos? Sue him for $1.04 as a moral gesture?

  • Spatchcocked

    Anal warts!!!!!!!! …….oh Jesus Christ spew …..my judgement is res ipsa loquitur ……case dismissed and 50 million dollars damages to the defendant Mr Whatcott.

  • Gary

    Smithermen , the man that drove his spouse to drug and then Suicide????

    The coplicit killer calling the bigot a homophobe .

    • Alain

      I confess to never being able to keep up with all this, such as was Smithermen playing the role of the wife or the husband. It really is confusing.

      • Gary

        The media went after Rob Ford for his drug issue and yet furious George told the media that he had wild drug parties and unprotected sex as well. George was held up by the Media as being brave to admit it , but when one person attack Ford for being obese and asked if he didn’t care that her could die while in office….. nobody asked Smithermen if he was worried about getting AIDS and dying in Office if elected.

        Ford was attacked from the claim of a Domestic Abuse 9-1-1 call and he was assume to be guilty by the STAR and CBC…….. but Smithermen actually drove his spouse to suicide and drugs while the Police and Media tried to keep it quiet and claimed they respected his privacy.

        The cops are now puppets for the Politician’s that sign their pay checks .
        As for the CBC, Justin promised them another $625,000,000.00 over 4 years of he got Elected. They have been bought and the CBC will cover-up any bad news about Muslim rapists or terrorism attacks. The Police only enforce the laws that the Leader deem important and they pick which Minority groups don’t have to follow Canada’s law as to feel as if they are back home in the hell-hole they fled.