Why Toronto LGBTQ Activists are Suing an Infamous Anti-Gay Leader for $104 Million

Bill Whatcott marched in July’s Pride Parade and handed out anti-gay literature, according to the lawsuit.

One of the usual suspects filed the suit, George Smitherman.

I don’t consider pointing out the incidence of sexually transmitted disease within the gay community to be hate speech, but then this is Canada – land of the “Hate Fact”.

Warning – Page One of the Whatcott Flyer is likely NSFW.  Page two, well you decide.

Gay Zombies Page 1

Gay Zombies Page 2

On a lighter note… From our longtime reader Pongo

We can always call them Bulgarians. — Samuel Goldwyn (Attributed)

“We can always call them Bulgarians,” is a quotation attributed by Wilella Waldorf to “Samuel Goldwyn or somebody” in the New York Post, September 17, 1937. (as cited in The origin of “Bulgarian” as a euphemism for sexual minorities.) The euphemism was used in American cinema and theatre when referring to gay and lesbian characters on screen and on stage starting in the first half of the 20th century. What made me think of this is my recent trip to Bulgaria. I left Ottawa, bound for Bulgaria, on July 14th and returned on July 25th. I met up with my friend Plamen in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, and embarked on a whirlwind tour with him as my guide and interpreter.