What Do American Schools Teach About Islam? PC Or Nothing

As militant Islam becomes more prominent in world affairs, it becomes less prominent in American classrooms.

Jenny McKeigue’s youngest child enters seventh grade this fall, and she plans to excuse him from a world history class requirement to recite a Muslim conversion prayer called the shahada. McKeigue spent four years attempting to convince her school board in Olmsted Falls, Ohio, to alter some lessons and replace history textbooks after her oldest son in 2012 showed her a reality TV episode his teacher had played in class.

In “30 Days: Muslims and America,” an imam tells a Christian man attempting to live as a Muslim for 30 days that Muslims and Christians worship the same god. The Christian struggles with that idea but ultimately accepts it.

  • Alain

    Outside of histor, which hasn’t been taught for a good while, why would American or Canadian schools teach anything about Islam?

    • It is beyond me.

    • Exile1981

      Went through this last year. Lots of young teachers, especially those active in lgbt circles, seem to try and push islam like its the only religion. Give what happens to people like them in islamic countries i just don’t understand.

    • WalterBannon

      for indoctrination

  • FactsWillOut

    “30 Seconds: Christians and the ME”: Muslims attempting to live as a Christian for 30 days are found to have a 30 second average lifespan.

  • If these kids get to convert to Islam as a part of class, they should be able to sing a Christmas carol.

    • andycanuck

      Mark Steyn found one U.S. grade school that banned the entirely-secular “Dreaming of a White Christmas” that was written and scored by Jew, Irving Berlin!

  • andycanuck

    One of my niece’s high school social studies textbooks had the “jihad means peaceful inner struggle” lie in it. BTW, she went to a Catholic Separate School* school and not a Public School.

    [For U.S. readers: Ontario’s R.C. parochial school system that’s paid for similarly to the secular Public School system.]