Islam's Useful Idiot Liberal Left Apologists

The Left’s Reticence On Islam

The bloody attack on gay night-club in Orlando by a Muslim, the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, should be a wake-up call for progressives still unwilling to confront the illiberal core of radical Islam. The choice of target was not random, or just an expression of neurotic homophobia. Hatred of homosexuality is part of traditional Islamic sharia law, as is the punishment of death for transgressors. Today homosexuals are still being executed in Muslim majority nations like Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. But just as Islamic misogyny has been ignored or rationalized by the left, so too has this violent intolerance for diversity.

  • Gary

    Just yesterday ( Monday 15th ) I was watching a video about the US election and it was only a few days old . The topic of immigration , guns, jobs and public safety came up during a debate ….. the Orlando slaughter by a homophobic devout muslim that chose a gay bar ( praised allah after the killing) is now being called a Tragic Event . Yet the shooting of the Imam in NY City is a hate-crime and Trump is now to blame as we see muslims claiming they fear for their lives .

    i still pat Rob Ford on the back for refuses to endorse the PRIDE parade when there were 2 Pro-hamas groups and gay muslims flying the flags from the past hell-holes that STILL execute homosexuals.

    After the Pulse club slaughter and the following silence by GLAAD
    and Wynne that made the Vigil about islamophobia ….I just don’t care any more to the point that ISIS can toss as any queer’s from the roof tops as they want.
    If Susan G Cole and her Rainbow buddies refuse to condemn quranic homophobia and Jew-hatred…….why waste my compassion on people volunteering to be killed.

  • Ho Hum

    Speaking of Islam I see a Montreal man has been criminally charged with “encouraging hatred of Islam”. I suppose any criticism of Islam can be construed as “encouraging hatred”. He has also been charged with “threatening” Trudeau but it is not clear if he made an explicit threat or was just critical of Trudeau. A guy out west was charged last week with “threatening” Trudeau based on Facebook posts even though there were no explicit threats.

    What free speech we have in Canada is going to come under massive attack under Trudeau.