Nasty New Meme Exposed

…“working class” sounds too dignified and authentic to you and you need to completely negate what you do not want to hear or even acknowledge the existence of, then you need something stronger. The most popular and dishonorable example of this is “Non-College Educated”. It is a designer meme- so effective at damning the opposition and making real debate and, even the facts of the matter, inoperative. Who needs reason and facts when you can just ignore them because they are “uneducated”?
Of course, any such means to dodge real confrontation with facts and debate only works if your need is particularly desperate- and Donald Trump makes them desperate. 
  • Smart people are avoiding University nowadays;)

    • Drunken weekends, unearned grades, lousy job prospects and overwhelming debt just don’t appeal to some I guess…

    • V10_Rob

      I think their ‘non-college educated’ meme/insult easily works in reverse. I hear that and figure the person might still have their head on straight. I hear that someone is a college (or worse, university) graduate, my gut reaction is to squint at them suspiciously and ask them what their major was. And I say this as a holder of a useless degree myself.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Both Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are college dropouts.

  • Hard Little Machine

    In few years the liberals will look around and realize they’ve cleansed America of everyone who can turn a screwdriver. Then the lights will go out. Forever. It’s really the only reason I want to live anymore. To see that day happen.

  • Maggie

    It strikes me that what they are is ‘credentialed’, not ‘educated’.

  • Clink9

    Some refer to that as “Spared From Brainwashing”.

  • Brenda

    If liberals like to stress how Trump appeals to the ‘non-college educated’, maybe conservatives -instead of falling into the trap of defending lack of education – should point out how he appeals to the college educated. Wasn’t Trump the one who pointed out how Silicon Valley is importing STEM graduates because they can’t find enough Americans to do these types of jobs? And then you read that 3/4 of American STEM grads can’t find work in their chosen field. It’s all a ploy to drive down wages even among those who should be high earners.

    I’ve noticed how even those who would defend Trump are going on and on about he appeals to poor unskilled high school dropouts who used to work in factories, but now the factories are all gone so pity the poor unemplyable losers who smoke crystal meth and commit suicide because they’ve been left behind by society and forgotten by history. This has the subtle effect of making Trump look like the loser’s candidate and defender of lost causes.

    I think conservatives should stress the fact that Trump does not by any means only appeal to the unskilled and uneducated. The case of the STEM graduates shows that current trends are putting downward pressure on everyone, even the supposedly advantaged.