Canada, it’s time we discussed the Islamic reformation

“…And we need to talk about it because Muslims in Canada, according to a recent Environics Institute report, are becoming more observant. The 18-34-year-olds are the most observant and “they identify primarily as Muslim rather than as Canadian,” the report notes.

Now, you can bet the politically correct will be resistant. They’ll plug their ears. They’ll look the other way. Or, worse, they’ll call anyone who brings it up “Islamophobic.” But they’ll be speaking out of ignorance.”

Islam “reformed”? Possible but not likely.

Islam sanctions various flavours of violence, murder, slavery and many lesser evils, that will be pretty hard to overcome after centuries of cult indoctrination and cultural dominance.

Useful Idiots like Trudeau will continue to lecture us on the merits of their wish-dream Islam.

To do otherwise would be to go off narrative, after all the lie of multiculturalism is nearly as immutable as the koran itself in the mind of the true believer.

A cold-war style containment of Islamic states and a halt to Muslim immigration is the first step back from the brink.

We will have to learn that lesson the hard way, just as Europe is doing today.