Airy-fairy platitudes no deterrent to terrorism

If I were taxi driver Terry Duffield, I’d have two questions for Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale and his plans on curbing radicalization.

First, what in hell were the cops thinking when they had jihadist wannabe Aaron Driver’s residence surrounded, yet still allowed him to get into my cab with a bomb in his knapsack?

Why didn’t they confront this 24-year-old terrorist before he had the opportunity to blow me up?

  • dukestreet

    Since Trudeau’s government has done everything it can to ensure that Muslims come as refugees,leaving the real refugees to suffer and die. We can see that goal is the same with all his ministers.

  • Martin B

    With these clowns looking out for us, we all need to look out for ourselves.

  • simus1

    Dey ver bropaply vaitingk fur dur clearents vrum deputy assistance Klarents who was waiting on secreat Judge Mahmound al-Bangkiddis to return from hiss therapy appointment und mak decisions.

  • G2

    It’s unfortunate that the cabbie wasn’t a mohammedan. That’s on top of how unfortunate it is that the RCMP and every other instrument of our alleged government is so f’ing useless.