3 Luton men who praised Charlie Hebdo attack found guilty of encouraging children to join Isis

Three Luton men have been found guilty of “infecting the young minds of children” on Tuesday (16 August) by encouraging support for the Islamic State (Isis) and praising the shocking Charlie Hebdo attacks which took place in Paris, France.

Mohammed Istiak Alamgir, Yousaf Bashir and Rajib Khan gave speeches at a series of meetings in the town during Ramadan last year that were attended by up to 80 people including young children that were urged to travel to Syria to fight with Isis (Daesh) militants.

  • tom_billesley

    The announcement of the conviction of Anjem Choudary was delayed so as not to influence the jury in their trial.

  • Please do not use the word Daesh. It was adopted by Western authorities for the express purpose of avoiding any reference to the word Islamic in their ‘news’ reports of Islamic atrocities. These creatures are not just “a bunch of undefined terrorists with a funny name” as ex British PM Cameron & Co try to imply; they are the military wing of Islam and that should be made clear in any reference to them.

  • Gary

    The Judge should read the Quran and the U.N.’s definition of a Child.
    The quran makes it clear that every muslim male over 13 must do Jihad to fight for allah and wage war on the unbelievers until there are no other religions but islam.
    Next we have the UN that changed the definition of a Child from the older age range of 5-12 to the new 5-18.
    So any muslim male from 14 to 18 could be defended as a Child-soldier for any Terrorism in Canada , or any muslim male under 18 can get into Canada as a refugee for jihad terrorism once over 13 .

    But hey, Liberalism is a mental disorder and Justin will keep bring in those remaining 175,000 sunni pro-sharia homophobic muslims from Syria.