The Illiberal Left and Political Islam

How did the marriage of political Islam and the Left come to be? Look first to the West’s progressive media, academics and agenda-driven elites — the standard coterie of cultural engineers who oppose free speech, spurn history’s lessons and defame all who disagree

“Literature always anticipates life,” Oscar Wilde opined in his essay “The Decay of Lying”; “It does not copy it but moulds it to its purpose.” Recent developments in British politics seem to confirm Oscar’s aphorism. In 2015, Michel Houellebecq published his political fiction Submission, anticipating the democratic rise to power in Europe of the Muslim Brotherhood. Widely dismissed as “Islamophobic”, his dystopian novel, set in France in 2022, identifies how Europe’s political elites abandoned the Enlightenment project, alienated the masses and created the conditions for the emergence of a new extremist politics on both the Left and the Right.

  • The enemy of my enemy.

    Opposition to Islamism embodies all the things that leftists hate about their dads.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    So somehow memes describe all Muslims? They are just mindless killing machines. What a bunch of stupidity. I had friends throughout school that were Muslims. People need to look at where US intelligence funding is going rather than pointing the finger at Muslims.

    It is obvious that BCF does not want to do their research because it does not fit their worldview.

    A real analysis and research case would truly seek out how terrorist groups receive trucks, bombs and other means because just saying “liberals” in a wide way without analyzing which segment is just disingenuous, along with saying that the US worked with Al Qaeda in the 80’s and with their evolved form to get rid of Assad.

    The “left” is a blanket term.

    It is like saying that all leaders need to be like Churchill or FDR to be worthy of office.

    People have to realize that those that initiated the War on Terror are the same people that do not want Trump, that old weapons, worked with Al Qaeda in the 80’s, and they worked alongside the Iran-Contra scandal even back in the 80’s.

    Can anyone even trust anything coming out of the intelligence community or any facet of the military community or the mainstream US government?!

    Which is why since the 1950’s the US has had a constant war agenda.

    The US needs to try non-interventionism mixed with defense and smart immigration.

    • Billy Bob Thornton

      War has to take twists and turns because it is central to US policy.

      Even Lenin described war as the last stage of capitalism.

    • Any intelligent person can conclude that not every Muslim is a heartless killer but those same persons can also conclude with a plethora of evidence that the majority of violent acts have Islamists at their root.