Donald Trump Against the Decline and Fall

Donald Trump was not my first choice for the Republican nomination. He often makes intemperate statements, and comes across as his own worst enemy during the campaign. He might not be the best person lead the United States down the right road to a secure and prosperous future, but he is at least on the right road. If we’re on the wrong road, as represented by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, we have no chance whatsoever of reaching any destination except national ruin.

  • Tom Forsythe

    Meanwhile, in Canada, Goodale just announced an “anti-radicalization” program. He didn’t specify what sort of radicalization, just says that it is linked to terrorism.

    • V10_Rob

      I’m sure it’ll disproportionately focus on ‘right-wing hate groups’.

  • Alain

    It makes me wonder if all those who complain about Trump making intemperate statements (speaking off the cuff) prefer the “polished” and pre-scripted statements and being adapt at lying of all those career politicians, more often lawyers than not. I part company with them on this point, as I prefer someone who states honestly what he thinks. Especially someone like Trump who is also open and willing to revise his opinion when confronted with facts instead of digging in with his narrative. I don’t want narrative; I want honesty and frankness, even when it may mean we disagree.

    I have witnessed the bulk of conservatives fail, because they listened to their advisors who wanted them to be all things to all people. It never ever works, since the very ones you woo by watering down your policies will never vote for you no matter what. It is as crazy as interfaith discussions with Muslims.

    • Blacksmith

      Well said, I agree wholeheartedly. Politics should be a service to your country not a career.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Look at Trump, what a maroon.
      He’s campaigning in blue states thinking he can win them.
      What a novel idea!
      Instead of focussing all his energy on the battleground states he’s taking his message to the people.
      All of the people
      Not just the ones parties usually take for granted.

  • GrimmCreeper

    I’d rather take my chances with the orange guy, simply because I’m 100% convinced the fat, lying, hairy toed liar will be far worse. With Trump America would have a leader who loves his country. The lying pig just loves to game it for power and wealth.