DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH: Man harpooned in brawl over photo of women in burkinis in Corsica: Fracas between North Africans and local youths a day after French court upheld ban on swimsuits.



  • Drunk_by_Noon

    This story brought a smile to my lips.

  • xavier

    To reiterate: the Corsicans are just as clannish as the Moslems. Corsicans understand very well the Moslem mentality and know what must be done when the clan is dissed or dishonoured.
    Extreme violence to humiliate and to subjugate the perpetrators is the only effective means to bring them to their senses.

    As the Moslem are temporarily incredulous that someone actually stood up to them, they’ll double down with their disrespectful misbehaviour and will soon learn about the vendetta. The Moslem will recognize it as a variation of the blood feud they practice back in their regions and choose whether to fight or back down.
    My gut feeling is that the Moslem will try to fight only to get the crap so thoroughly beaten out of them that they cower in recognition that they’ve lost the blood feud.

  • pdxnag

    Over here Obama would like to jail anyone that even thinks about banning the wearing of the supremacist black bag of infinite hostility and violence.

  • stubb

    lifeless eyes… black eyes, like a doll’s eye…