Black Lives Matter Obstructs Traffic at Yonge-Dundas

Why is anyone tolerating this traffic jam creating bigotry?

Black Lives Matter Toronto (BLMTO) briefly shut down the intersection of Yonge and Dundas to demand justice in the death of Ottawa’s Abdirahman Abdi.

Abdi, 37, died after what witnesses have said was a violent arrest on July 24. Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is now investigating two Ottawa police constables in connection with Abdi’s death and both have been suspended with pay.

Vaguely related – service dogs wounded in Missouri shooting spree:

Comfort dogs have become a familiar sight for communities and families ravaged by gun violence. This weekend, they became inadvertent victims.

Two golden retrievers from a Lutheran Church Charities K-9 Comfort Dog unit and their human handlers were among those wounded in a random shooting spree in Joplin, Mo., on Saturday morning, officials say.

A van carrying the dogs had just left Immanuel Lutheran Church in Joplin shortly after 5 a.m. when it was hit by gunfire from a suspect police were pursuing.

The church van’s driver, Kenneth Eby, received multiple gunshot wounds, including one to the chest; Heidi Gustin, who was riding in the back seat, was struck in the arm. Both were transported to a hospital where they underwent surgery. Eby is listed in critical but stable condition; Gustin is in serious but stable condition.

A third passenger, Karen Mech, sustained cuts from shrapnel, police said. Her injuries were considered minor.

The dogs — Jackson and Louie — were also struck by gunfire. Jackson was grazed in the flap of his ear, while Louie took a bullet in his neck. Louie underwent surgery to remove the slug and is now recovering.


How can anyone hurt this face?

  • ontario john

    I guess they have nothing else to do, until the welfare checks come out at the end of the month. And in another case of special interest groups getting away with criminal acts. The National Post website has the heart warming story on how a whiny indian dangerous offender was given permission to attend a Pow Wow. He of course took off from his escort and hasn’t been seen since.

  • favill

    The reason that Abdi guy was being detained by the civilians on site while the police arrived was that he was groping infidel women. Conveniently forgotten by the MSM.

    • jt

      The media in Ottawa is trying to back track they gave to much credit to certain eye witness reports that have turned out to be false.

    • That seems to be missing from that narrative.

  • useless opinion

    All Labs matter.

  • Hard Little Machine

    That’s fucking bullshit. Fuck these motherfuckers. There are two things that will get you killed; hurt my family, hurt my hounds. I will wear your fucking lungs as a hat.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Thank you for expressing my fucking sentiments about this for me. Fuck, I’d like to shoot the bastards.

  • Tom Forsythe

    If they were really afraid that police would shoot them for no reason, why obstruct traffic at the busiest intersection in Canada? Wouldn’t that make them sitting ducks?

  • lolwut?

    “Burn Down White Suburbs” Says Sister of Dead Thug – “We Need Our Hair Weaves”

  • robins111

    Lots of snowplows being serviced right now and needing test runs.

  • Tweety58

    We imported this problem-I guess we were trying to keep up with the Americans.

    Cotton does not grow in Canada.

  • Tweety58

    Thousands of Hindu and Christian girls, many under the age of 18, are being abducted and forcibly converted to Islam before they are coerced into marrying their captors, according to Pakistani activists.
    Last Thursday, which marked Pakistan’s National Minorities Day, a “large number” of people, primarily human rights activists, took to the streets in Pakistan to protest against the alleged forced conversions, stressing their demand for legislative action on the issue to put a damper on the increasing trend.

    Echoing a report by a women’s rights NGO, activists claim that nearly 1,000 cases of forcible Islamic conversion involving Hindu and Christian girls occur every year in Pakistan, adding that a substantial number of cases go unreported.

    In 2015, the NGO Aurat Foundation reported that an estimated 1,000 girls (predominantly Christian and Hindu) are forcibly converted to Islam in Pakistan each year, primarily through marriage and bonded labor.

    “Once abducted, the girls generally ‘reappeared’ after three months, converted and often married, though in some cases a conversion and marriage took place on the same day,” now reports The Foreign Desk.

    Referring to the demonstrations in Pakistan last week against the practice, DAWN reports:

    [Women’s rights] Advocate Bhag Chand Bheel, Mukesh Meghwar and Pushpa Kumari who led the protest that coincided with National Minority Day urged the government to arrest Mian Mithoo of Ghotki [in Sindh Province] and Pir Sarhandi of Umerkot [in Sindh Province], accusing them of facilitating forced conversions.

    They complained the government had failed to take action against Mian Mithoo and Pir Sarhandi… and called for legislation [on the issue]…

    Sindh Province is home to the largest concentration of Hindus in Pakistan.

    Citing the Pakistani group Minorities Rights Watch, The Foreign Desk describes Mithoo and Sarhandi, as “a notorious politician and a cleric who have been aiding kidnappers and coercing courts to rule in favor of the kidnappers.”

    Mithoo, also known as Abdul Haq, was identified by The Express-Tribune as the Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians’ leader, adding that he is “an influential figure of the area, [and] is known to welcome Hindu boys and girls who wish to embrace Islam. He also reportedly provides them protection from their families and others in case they feel unsafe.”

    However, The Foreign Desk points out that Pakistan’s Hindu minority has repeatedly accused Mithoo, a cleric and a politician, of “providing shelter to kidnappers and intimidating victims into accepting Islam.”

    Mithoo has denied the allegations that he participated in forced Islamic conversions.

    He declared:

    The girls who come to us are mature. Within hours of their arrival, we call their parents so they can talk to their daughters … offer them to come meet them. If the girls still refuse to go, as Muslims we then provide them protection.

    Conversely, Pakistani activist Kapil Dev told Voice of America (VOA), referring to Mithoo:

    He’s a symbol of terror. He’s a symbol of forced conversions … and Hindus from that area, they cannot even dare to utter a single word [against him].

    Meanwhile, Cleric Sarhandi, the other prominent figure who was singled out by the protesters, has admitted to participating in the allegedly voluntary Islamic conversion of young girls brought to him by Pakistani men.

    He does concede that the conversions have taken place without the knowledge of police or the girls’ families.

    The Foreign Desk reports:

    Sarhandi says that once satisfied that the girl has made a decision of her own free will, he proceeds with the conversion and nuptials.

    The protests against the forced Islamic conversions of young Pakistani girls, namely at the hands of Mithoo, were not confined to Pakistan.

    VOA reports:

    The call for protest in various Pakistani cities — as well as abroad in Toronto, New York and Houston — singled out an individual famously known by the alias [Mian Mithoo] as the prime culprit for the alleged conversions.

    According to the Centre for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement (CLAAS-UK), a charity focused on stopping the persecution of Christians in Pakistan, blames the Pakistani government for the increase of forced conversions and kidnappings of Christians and other minorities in the country.