Bangladesh: Photos of “innocent hostage” Toronto student Tahmid Khan holding gun during Islamist terror attack released

Bangladesh extends detention of Toronto student as photos of him holding gun during attack appear

In a T-shirt emblazoned with a red maple leaf, Tahmid Khan was led to a Bangladeshi court Saturday, where a judge authorized police to continue holding the University of Toronto student in connection with a deadly café attack claimed by ISIS that killed 20 hostages.

The six-day extension comes approximately one week after Bangladeshi police announced that the 22-year-old had been arrested, seeking permission from the court to question him along with British national Hasnat Karim, 47, for 10 days.

Friends and family of the Canadian permanent resident have vigorously maintained that Khan has been held in police custody since the July 1 attack, and is innocent.

Funny… he doesn’t look very much like an innocent hostage in these photos.

New pictures of Tahmid, Hasnat with Gulshan attackers surface

The mystery of the Dhaka restaurant attack has taken a new turn after a set of pictures surfaced showing hostages Tahmid Hasib Khan and Hasnat Karim talking to an attacker, Rohan Imtiaz.

Among them, Tahmid was seen holding a firearm. The attacker Rohan also had a firearm while they were talking to Hasnat Karim.

Tahmid Khan 1

U of T Student Tahmid Khan, black t-Shirt, holding gun during horrific terror attack. Not looking very “Hostagey” to me.

Tahmid Khan2

U of T Student Tahmid Khan, black t-Shirt, holding gun during horrific terror attack. Not looking very “Hostagey” to me.

Gulshan attack: Assaults on women were horrific

Doctors who conducted the autopsies of the Gulshan terror attack victims say there were signs of unprecedented brutality on the bodies, especially of the 10 women killed in the night of July 1.
The autopsy and inquest reports of the victims show that Indian national Tarishi Jain faced maximum brutality of the Islamic State militants. Even after her death, the attackers hacked her body with a sharp machete and stabbed her 30 to 40 times on her hands, belly and chest with knives.

Seven months pregnant Maria Riboli, an Italian citizen, was killed brutally though she repeatedly sought mercy mentioning about her baby.

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