The Kent child sex crimes that police, schools and social workers are accused of failing to prevent

There are at least 40 perpetrators and 100 victims of child sexual exploitation in Kent, according to a damning new report.

A multi-agency review of services provided to potential abuse victims by Kent Safeguarding Children Board was published earlier this year.

It details how many people Kent Police suspect to be involved in the problem, said to be particularly rife among “Asian and eastern European” communities in east Kent, and focuses on the stories of three abused girls.

More worryingly, the author John Fox notes that “no-one has been brought to justice for these crimes” and “it seems a matter of great concern that despite overwhelming evidence that some or all of the children had been victims of the most appalling sexual abuse, the criminal justice system has failed to hold anyone to account”.

  • ed

    if I used the term ” paki ” in the uk I would expect a prison term of 3 months ,the full weight of the law would be brought down on me ! if I placed a rasher of bacon on a mosque wall ,the going rate for that is 12 months jail time ! again the police would be mobilized to find me or any indigenous British person , muslims gang raping underage white girls go to the bottom of the in tray ,as do all migrant crimes

  • Susan

    You’d think there was the potential the community to make a class-action suit against the police.