Queens imam shot dead, his assistant blasted in the chest – Naturally Trump Blamed

crying-mimeQueens imam shot in the head, his assistant blasted in the chest in fatal attack near Ozone Park mosque

“That’s not what America is about,” said local resident Khairul Islam, 33. “We blame Donald Trump for this … Trump and his drama has created Islamophobia.”


I note the police aren’t calling it a “hate crime”

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Had Trump personally committed the shooting, it still wouldn’t change my mind.

    • Heh;)

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        “Cops and witnesses described the shooter as tall and Hispanic, carrying a large handgun, and wearing a dark blue shirt and shorts.”

        Yeah, totally sounds like a Trump supporter!

        • tom_billesley

          “a man with a medium complexion and Polo-style shorts”
          wtf is a “medium complexion”?

          • Justin St.Denis

            Bronzey, like a tanned Italian or an Hispanic or a Middle-Eastern goatfucker.

          • ismiselemeas

            Half way between black and white. In other words it’s not a black and white situation.

          • Rosenmops

            Not white.

        • Another one of those deadly white Hispanics!

          The MSM will be all over this one!

          • andycanuck

            Especially if he has a Jewy surname!

        • Justin St.Denis

          Hispanic looking = Middle Eastern looking…

          …from more than a few feet away

    • Non sequitur. 😉

    • Justin St.Denis

      It would put steel into my decision to vote Trump/Pence 2016!

    • Uncommunist

      Ouch !

    • Alain

      Were I able to vote, it would cause me to vote for him.

  • robins111

    Global warming must factor in too

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    A tragic waste./sarc

    • Justin St.Denis

      Right-o, Chap. A bloody tragedy it is. 😉

    • andycanuck

      Yeah, I assume he had at least six bullets!

  • Kell


  • J. C.

    I’m trying to summon some empathy… But I just can’t do it, Captain! 😉

    • Justin St.Denis

      We understand. Not to worry, you are among friends, many of whom are armed.

      • El Martyachi

        I liked you better as “This user is blocked.”

        • Justin St.Denis

          Fartcatchers usually do. 😉

    • V10_Rob
  • Uncommunist

    Yes …that’s where All Trumpsters hang out – Hookah bars. Fail. Next !

    • Justin St.Denis

      Smoking Make America Great Again drugs, no doubt….

      • Uncommunist

        Lol … just YUGE clouds of White smoke wherever he goes !

  • freakypete98

    They described the shooter as Hispanic. That would take Trump out of the equation right there.

    • Uncommunist

      Trump secretly went to a tanning salon, plastic surgery and has a new hair piece and ditched the Secret Service … he periodically hangs out in Queens at Hookah bars just a hatin’ and hatin’ all by himself

      • Justin St.Denis

        I heard that too!

  • kkruger71

    Suspect is Hispanic? But I thought all Hispanics were supposed to hate Trump too. Maybe this is another “White Hispanic”, like Zimmerman. It’s all so confusing when you’re that dizzy from the media spin.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Only watch MSM news when either fried on Bloody Caesars or really good pot. You register less of the absurdity that way, and retain almost none of the content.

  • Spatchcocked

    My mamma allus taught me that you’ll be judged by the kind of people who shoot you……then something about dogs and fleas.

  • ontario john

    I’m sure the media elites will be having a field day with this. Expect Obama to declare a national day of mourning, and I’m sure he will attend the funeral. Why I bet bare chested Trudeau will even attend for a selfie.

  • “Investigators were trying to determine whether an earlier dispute at the mosque led to the shooting, according to law enforcement officials.”


    • Exile1981

      Earlier dispute – like who molested who’s goat?

      • andycanuck

        “Keep your hands of off Billy! He’s mine!”

    • Rosenmops

      A Muzz could be mistaken for Hispanic if you didn’t hear them speak.

    • Thanks.

  • Millie_Woods

    It was Trump. PBUH

    • Justin St.Denis


  • full disclosure

    Islam created islamophobia.

  • Rosenmops

    Look at the New York Daily News headline. Near the end of the article it mentions the suspect looks Hispanic.

  • simus1

    The Bangladeshi imam of a small shabby neighbourhood mosque in Queens and his associate get murdered professional hit style on the street in broad daylight.
    Somebody is sending a message and it sure isn’t Trump.

  • John

    A mob hit job. Someone either didn’t pay up on time, didn’t keep their word or didn’t hold up their end of the bargain.

    You know, Bangladeshi village politics.

  • roccolore

    I’ll laugh when it turns out a Muslim did it.

    • mobuyus

      You must be laughing 24/7.