Is Donald Trump Running Against Himself?

In a way:

Because he is a postmodern candidate for whom established decorum doesn’t seem to apply, and because the nation and the world are in chaos, no one quite can calibrate his powers of resilience. And so we are left only with a probability rather than a certainty: The odds are even that Trump’s self-destructive recklessness and narcissistic crudity (which so far seem not to have turned off 40 to 45 percent of the voters) are so embedded in his DNA that he will likely fall prey to each new Khan family and Judge Curiel trap, and not win over the necessary additional 5 to 6 percent of the electorate.
So is character really fate? Or is there any chance that the outer Trump’s business savvy and heralded self-interest might half tame his inner Trump to avoid subterranean mines, to keep him on message, and to relax and ride the wave of the disastrous daily news fare to the White House?

If there is, it will be largely because in summer 2016 enough voters see the current reality of polished lying and corruption in the White House and at the head of the Democratic ticket as more dangerous than the potential of a crude counterpart on the 2017 horizon.