Czech bishop decries “ruthless welcome policy” and obfuscation about jihad terror, is censored by his own paper

Censored by his own newspaper! The Catholic Church seems much more intent on enforcing its new dogma that Islam is a Religion of Peace than in making sure that Catholics understand and accept any of the things it should be teaching.

  • Ed

    The priesthood is excited by all those gyrating erections?

  • He is not saying anything that does not make sense.

  • Uncommunist

    The Catholic Church has been overtaken by the cuckold/sjw ideology for a long time.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Good thing that the Czech secular authorities are ahead of the curve on this.

  • Solo712

    I heard Dominik Duka speak last year when I was in Prague. Smart man. He was a protege of Benedict XVI. (who made him first Archibishop of Prague and then a Cardinal) and belongs to the conservative wing of the church which has grown very unhappy with Francis.