Why Aren’t Liberals Flogging Rotherham Pakistanis Over Their Rape Culture?

Over the past 16 years more than 1,400 young girls between the ages of 12 and 16 living in Rotherham, England have been groomed for sexual exploitation on an “industrial scale.” This according to social workers, police officers, residents, and the victims themselves whom the Daily Express recently interviewed. These 1,400 young girls have been the victims of rape, torture, abduction, and forced prostitution—but that’s not even the worst of the news. The worst? British authorities have been knowingly letting it happen now for years.

  • AmicusC

    It’s only bad when white guys do it otherwise it’s just a culture thing and who are we to question their culture

  • ntt1

    thrown under the bus just like all daughters in Europe, gloss over the very real rape culture to keep the dream of a multicultural society alive. well this IS multiculturalism. Start locking up your daughters just like darkest arabia.

  • mauser 98
  • bob e

    Don’t forget the police getting some active participation from the poor girls.
    Nice Going UK. How about a noble shakespearean quote ..

  • Dana Garcia

    Diversity is the lib religion. They will defend it at any cost to someone else.

  • Because Islam.

  • Frances

    Let’s face it: the left regards working-class white girls as tramps and slags, unworthy of any protection and – no doubt – deserving of any nasty treatment they receive at the hands of those noble brown men.

    • Justin St.Denis

      That is precisely how the Brits are handling this. Poor whites are simply being queued up for sacrifice at the altar of fantasy multiculturalism. Oh look! A Unicorn!……

  • barryjr

    Why do the police, prosecutors and social workers that are complicit in this stil employed and not in jail for their participation through lack of action?

  • Editor

    Because it would taint one of their favorite social engineering tools, the concept of cultural relativity, which has been the cornerstone of leftist ideology since the 60s. You can only diminish the influence of Judeo-Christian dogma if you relegate it to just another spiritual fad which you can easily ignore.