UK: PC culture let vote fraud in Muslim areas flourish

Lutfur Rahman Corrupt Muslim Politician

Lutfur Rahman Corrupt Muslim Politician

A culture of political correctness has led to a blind eye being turned to widespread voting fraud in Muslim communities, a devastating government report reveals today.

Ex-Cabinet minister Sir Eric Pickles lambasts the police, election watchdogs and town halls for ignoring evidence of electoral abuse because of ‘over-sensitivities about ethnicity and religion’.

The former communities secretary, now the anti-corruption tsar, said the intimidation of voters on religious grounds was so bad that police should be allowed to put cordons outside polling stations to protect frightened voters.

  • The Butterfly

    Is there any limit to how strong diversity can make us?

  • Editor

    Would that be the same PC Culture that gave us Rotherham?

  • Gary

    Can Justin’s Muslim MP’s be any different since they share the same quran that wants us DEAD.