Terror suspect’s death sparks renewed questions about peace bonds

Aaron Drivers Bomb

Aaron Drivers bomb really ruined the upholstery in that cab. I wonder if insurance will cover it?

OTTAWA — Security and radicalization experts say the fact Aaron Driver was able to plan a terrorist attack with explosives while under a peace bond shows the court-ordered tool is far from the full answer to controlling people with extremist ideas.

Peace bonds have been touted as a means for police to contain the threat from someone with jihadist sympathies when their behaviour falls short of the threshold for a criminal charge.




With the successful detonation of Aaron Driver’s Upholstery Killer Bomb Canada lays claim to the title of Western Nation With the most Idiot Converts to Islam.

Question… Was there a second bomb? Has that been confirmed by evidence?

Has anyone seen a timeline? Why was he allowed to get into a cab in the 1st place or did he arrive in one?

This is vague… “Police said that around 4:30 p.m., Driver left a residence in Strathroy and got into a cab that he had called. He detonated an explosive device from the back seat, prompting officers to open fire. Driver died in the confrontation, though it’s not clear whether the bomb or the bullets killed him.”

If Driver was under active surveillance why would police endanger a Cabbie and allow Driver to be picked up or was it the case that the police simply didn’t know where Driver was and this was the 1st opportunity to see him in the flesh?

Did they suspect others may have been inside the residence unwittingly with Driver and so didn’t wish to lay siege to the home and endanger innocents, or was it that they did indeed arrive in the nick of time?

This article, quotes the Cabbie stating he was told not to say anything for “about a week”.

It’s too vague to get a handle on events as they unfolded, However the RCMP’s statement would indicate they had Driver’s residence under watch but allowed the Cabbie to pick Driver Up. Maybe the Cabbie was asked to cooperate, maybe not, time will tell.

From the RCMP statement: “Following the swift efforts of our skilled and experienced investigators as well as our Integrated National Security Enforcement Team (INSET) partners, the suspect was identified as Aaron DRIVER and located in Strathroy, Ontario. DRIVER was known to police and the subject of an 810.011 Peace Bond related to terrorism. Police specialized units including the RCMP Explosives Disposal Unit and Emergency Response Team were deployed to the location of DRIVER’s residence.

“When he exited a residence on Park Street and entered into a cab, the RCMP’s ERT engaged the suspect, there was a detonation inside the taxi, and the suspect subsequently died following a confrontation with the police,” said Assistant Commissioner Jennifer Strachan, Commanding Officer of O Division (Ontario)

RCMP statement on Aaaron Driver

  • If not the bomb, then an acid attack. When they go jihadi there is no controlling them – they must be put down.

    • I agree, they should be dealt with but in this case I am wondering why the police could not have acted before he entered the Cab. It could be a case of reckless endangerment.

      • Justin St.Denis

        It could be a case of reckless endangerment by an incompetent security agency which does not value the lives of citizens it is mandated to protect.

        There! Fixed it for ya!

    • Alain

      Better would be to remove all of them and send them back to their Muslim world.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Absolutely correct. A time to Cull…..

  • Let’s face the cops NEVER has this guy under control. First of all “surveillance” didn’t stop him from acquiring the materials and building a bomb. And the cops stopped him by the skin of their teeth — a minute later and he would have made it downtown in the cab and exploded the bomb in a crowded public place.

    • Yes I see now, though they were on scene they couldn’t stop the Cabbie.

      “Several hours later, with police amassing outside Driver’s house and the afternoon rush hour ramping up, a taxi unexpectedly arrived. Officers moved in when Driver, carrying a backpack, left the house and jumped into the back seat.

      “Scene containment was done, and the taxi — we had no knowledge it was coming and it got in there very quickly,” Strachan said.

      As the officers confronted the suspect, an improvised explosive device suddenly detonated, injuring the cabbie.”


      • Goodale in the Sun: “…we have to be among the best in the world at identifying those who are vulnerable to the insidious messages of radicalization…”

        Wake up Mr. Goodale, Canada is in fact the worst in the world. Reason being those “insidious messages of radicalization” are produced by our Left-wing and Liberal politicians who Officially portray Islam as the “victim”, and anyone who criticizes Islamic terrorism as being mentally ill with “Islamophobia”. Lots of idealistic youth in this country believe your Government’s propaganda (a member of my own family believes it). Hence you can expect that at least some of them — based on your indoctrination through the Media — are going to be recruited to ISIS or take other extreme measures to fight for the Islamic “victim” you have falsely portrayed. Driver himself stated that he was inspired to do what he did because of the horrible things the West was doing to Muslims in Syria — he got this through the mainstream Canadian Media not ISIS.

        Justin Trudeau taught Driver the lie that the West was doing terrible things to Muslims in Syria — nobody but Justin and the Libs are responsible for his radicalization. Don’t blame ISIS — all they did was show Driver the final step.

        • Alain

          To identify those “vulnerable to the insidious messages of radicalisation” is easy since you just identify who is Muslim.

    • The RCMP had to act. They simply could not let the Americans appear to be vigilant and not them.

      When this occurs the next time, the RCMP will be nowhere in sight and Trudeau will be practising his crying face.

  • lolwut?
  • Spatchcocked

    Hmmmmm….hoist by his own petard.
    How very Shakespearian……one hopes he suffered before the Mounties gave him a lead pill.

  • useless opinion

    He didn’t call uber?

  • Jim Horne

    Could Public Safety Minister, Goodale, have misinterpreted the word “peace” when referring to Islamists? Shouldn’t it be “piece” or “pieces”?

    Ralph Goodale Comments on Peace Bond

  • The RCMP wasn’t doing its job.

    If the suspect is accused of terrorism, he should be watched like a hawk.

    Instead, the RCMP waited for an outside party to do its work.

  • Gary

    The only way to save Canada from becoming an islamic hell-hole with sanctioned murdering of gays and legalized pedophilia is to hope a Jihadist goes into the SCOC building to rid us of those 9 arrogant , semi-god, wealthy , white , Liberal idiots .

    Omar Khadrs’ brain-dead lawyer found a brain-dead LIberal Judge to agree to take off Omar’s angle monitor so he could play soccer .

    Back in February it was Ezra Levant to expose Khadr for going back to terrorism when he used the Liberal Judge approved iPhone to contact Al-Qaeda members and his Canada-hating homophobic mother and sister.
    The CBC and STAR have gone quiet about Omar even though they helped get him out of GITMO when Chretien left him their to rot and die.

    Now that Omar will make Justin like bad, the CBC wants to sit back let Omar build his IED’s to slaughter hundreds while Harper will be blamed for getting Omar back to Canada.
    I didn’t know that Omar’s Lawyer cut a deal for his Bail where he could go back to Terrorism and build IED’s .