Retreat and Delusion: Is the Islamic State Finally Collapsing?

Things have grown quiet in the largest city of the “caliphate,” the man from Mosul says. He had spent some time on the outskirts of the city, at times traveling only by foot, in order to pass along details from inside the Islamic State (IS), as he had often done. “When the fighting in Fallujah was still going on, there were calls from the mosque loudspeakers at least five times a day for people to join the battle. The state would triumph, the men claimed. They said they had thousands of fighters there, tons of munitions and weapons and that Fallujah couldn’t possibly fall. Ever since Fallujah did fall, there have been no more appeals.”

  • ismiselemeas

    They’re all in Club Med du Paris on a bit of a break.

  • Alain

    Words cannot describe how bloody dishonest this is. Even if true, it matters not in the least, since it is Islam and the same thing will reappear under some different name but doing exactly the same thing.

  • Ed

    “And in math class at schools, the plus sign is no longer allowed to be used. It’s the Christian cross, they say. Now they have to write: ‘1 added to 1, God willing, equals 2.’

    No words…