Liberals still plan to repeal parts of counterterrorism powers brought in by Harper government

OTTAWA — The Liberal government, following a thwarted terrorism plot, says it still plans to repeal parts of sweeping new counterterrorism powers adopted by the Conservatives and insists Canada must focus much more on counter-radicalization.

  • JoKeR

    The Trudeau Doctrine!

    • That’s him alright.

      • Gary

        Now he changed the rule for being in the RCMP where you don’t have to be born in Canada.
        It all makes sense for why the RCMP was obsessed with have their version the Hijab. They knew that the muslim invasion is on and in order to mitigate the well-founded fears for jihad terrorism…… they need to fool the public that muslims are on our side while in the RCMP as it also appeases the pro-sharia islamofascists.

        But the dolts at the RCMP don’t know that the quran instructs muslims to act peaceful when they are a minority with no solid assurance of a jihad victory. Once muslims have the numbers, it is their DUTY to wage offensive Jihad to claim the land for allah and the Caliphate.

        Justin is too stupid to see that we should be lucky that we only have 1 million muslims and can stop the future slaughter by slowing down the number of muslims pouring in.
        But now ISIS and the Saudi’s can send us thousands of closet-jihadists with NO criminal records to get into the RCMP and get every Address for each SCOC Judge and MP in Ottawa to bomb their homes and behead their whole family during the planned Jihad.

        We got played for suckers by the somali’s in the 1990’s that only wanted our Welfare and the system to freely raise money for terrorism. Many are still on Welfare while we now have drug gangs and a few mosque pumping out terrorists.

        Canada will be like Germany while Toronto is becoming a Detroit .

  • Almost a year in, and they still haven’t said anything specific about what they want changed in C-51 (which they voted for, then fired up their constituency to hate conservatives for).

    • What did Canada do to deserve this government?

      • has been lacking compelling orators of conservative philosophy

        • Ed Ellison

          That and our media, education system, and the civil service have all been seriously coopted by leftist agents.

          • Alain


        • Jim Horne

          Being heard may be more a factor of what media elites want you to hear than of what Liberal critics are actually saying.

          “Bill C-51 gave security forces and intelligence officers extra tools to make sure we could thwart these terror plots,” Ambrose said, noting that provisions in the bill have been “used judiciously two dozen times in the past year to actually thwart terror plots here in Canada.”

          Foiled Terror Plot Justifies Legislation

      • Daviddowntown

        Voted for it.

        • Alain

          Yes, along with voter fraud having taken place.

      • Justin St.Denis

        I guess Canadians raised other Canadians who actually voted for this asshole.

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    Good job my stp keep doing the job , clean up the house for good.

  • Why, Justin?
    Justin: “Because Harper was Hitler and hated refugees and if I don’t then everybody is going to know that I was lying about Harper”.

    Funny how a guy who was “Hitler” and “hated refugees” actually brought in about 450,000 (four hundred fifty thousand) of them during his tenure. In fact Harper was bringing in Syrians before Justin could even spell “Syria” or find it on a map. We can once again thank CBC, CTV, and Global for spreading that lie about Harper — they’re not journalists they’re propaganda outlets. And we can especially thank that NDP “journalist” for the fake story about how that little Syrian kid ended up dead on a beach.

    • The CBC is pathetic, the rest of the MSM is not far behind.

    • Alain

      You are correct, and that along with increasing the mass immigration (population replacement) started by the Liberals was something for which I shall never forgive them.

      • ontario john

        Parts of Ontario are beginning to look like some islamic shithole in Pakistan.

    • Now wait one minute.

      Trudeau can neither spell Syrian nor can he find it on a map.

  • moraywatson

    Here’s a terrific anti-radicalization plan. No minarets, no mosques, no supremacists identifying in public as muslims.

    • Alain

      I have a better one – no Muslims.

  • richfisher

    Remember when we were all told about the meaning, virtue and power of “incrementalism”?

    • Alain

      I never bought it and saw it as the disaster it was, and now we are reaping the results of that failed approach.

  • ontario john

    I hear he is going to advise all Canadians to convert to Islam to avoid terrorism here.

    • Observer

      All will be peaceful when all are Muslim… but you better be the right type of Muslim!

      And since there is only one true Quran, yet 26 different Arabic Quran’s all claiming to be the only correct Quran, this could take awhile to resolve.

      At least they have found a peaceful way to resolve this in the Middle East. 🙂

      • ontario john

        Bare chested feminist Trudeau will show us the way. Praise Allah!

        • JoKeR

          Like he is probably thinking, when he is not looking in the mirror admiring his intellect….