Germany ‘was warned about Ansbach suicide bomber’

Germany was warned in advance that a Syrian who blew himself up last month might carry out a “spectacular” suicide attempt if it tried to deport him, BBC Newsnight has learned.

Mohammed Daleel was due to be deported when he detonated a bomb in the Bavarian town of Ansbach on 24 July.
A 25-page psychological assessment written more than a year before mentioned his “extreme spirit”.

It was sent to the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.

It warned that attempts to deport Mr Daleel could result in a “spectacular” suicide attempt.

  • ontario john

    They should start issuing Peace Bonds. It works so well here in Sunny Ways Canada.

    • I’m sure Justin is right on the phone with Angela as we speak.

  • Bataviawillem

    I bet you there are tens of thousands of those 25 page reports that mention extreme spirit.