German right-wing populist movement put under surveillance

Germany’s Federal intelligence services confirmed on Friday that the right-wing group IBD is being monitored in nine of Germany’s 16 states, including Bavaria, Berlin, North Rhine-Westphalia and Saxony.

“We see evidence in the “Identity Movement” of unconstitutional efforts,” German Intelligence Services Chief Hans-Georg Maassen said.

The group, which has its roots in France, first arrived in Germany in 2012 and has developed offshoots across Europe. Known for its anti-immigration stance – particularly against Muslims – the German offshoot of the movement first made its presence known online via Facebook and YouTube.

Maassen warned on Friday that it was Germany’s youth which was particularly susceptible to these methods of propaganda.

In recent months, however, demonstrations and leafleting have also become more common.

God forbid people actually speak out against mass immigration…