German intelligence warns of ISIL ‘hit squads’ among refugees

Official says country has to accept it is home to terror ‘sleeper cells.’

Gee ya think?

  • Editor

    The passive wording is interesting. “we have to accept WE HAVE hit squads . . .” Not “we have let in, facilitated, encouraged hit squads . . .” It’s like it’s nobody’s fault or responsibility.

  • Dana Garcia

    Yeah, inviting the enemy tribe inside the gates will do that. They may be barbarians but they’re not stupid.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    And what if the country doesn’t accept this?

  • Hard Little Machine

    I say let them all fight it out to the last one standing. Let Germany be Germany again.

    • Editor

      Thomas Salbey tried that. Had the unmitigated gall to hurl “insults”, not rocks, bottles or bullets, but insults at Ali David Sonboly who had just shot 9 people and got brought in for questioning by the police while they pondered whether to charge him or not. Regular Germans may be getting fed up but their pathologically altruist leaders aren’t going to make it easy for them to “let Germany be Germany again.”

      • Hard Little Machine

        I can’t worry about 2 groups who, given the chance, would fight each other to the death to claim the right to have a second Holocaust.