Driving Ms. Muhammad

The Olympics are only the latest event where our elites mistake diversity for “history.” One breakout star across the TV networks is Ibtihaj Muhammad, a 30-year-old fencer from New Jersey. While a traditional Catholic woman from Maryland would register a collective yawn, a black Muslim woman in a hijab gets a perfect 10 from the diversity judges.

  • GrimmCreeper

    She lost. That should sum up her entire Olympics appearance.

  • Frances

    Fiji won gold in men’s rugby sevens and promptly sang a hymn of praise. Christian. How’s that been reported?

    • Minicapt
      • Frances

        Thanks for that clip. Note there was no commentary as to WHAT the Fijians were singing. And certainly minimal commentary in the papers about these and other Christian athletes, though many columns about the hajibis (main part of paper, not sports section).

  • Editor

    Three cheers for Virginia Thrasher who won the U.S.A.’s first Gold Medal in Rio in the 10m air rifle event ON MERIT and did not make the news just because she’s an annoying opportunistic whiner with a medieval rag on her head.