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melting_potFlorida art prof penalizes students for saying ‘melting pot’

Professor Pamela Brekka told Campus Reform that she has reprimanded students for using the term in the past, and even withheld credit from those who used the phrase on assignments, because in her opinion, “melting pot” is a term that “signals a Euro-White Colonial standard, point blank, period.”

On several online course modules, through which students submit assignments, a statement reads, “DO NOT EVER USE THE PHRASE ‘MELTING POT’ IN THIS CLASS. IN THIS CLASS WE CELEBRATE DIVERSITY, NOT SAMENESS.”

us central command logoConfirmed: US Central Command Cooked the Books on ISIS

Last year, 50 professional intelligence officers at US Central Command filed a formal complaint that their intelligence reports were being altered by senior officers. Now, we can say for certain that they were right. A Congressional task force investigating the complaint has found convincing evidence that the reports generated by junior officers were far more dire in analysis of the threat from the Islamic State (ISIS), and that those reports became altered only once senior officers close to US Central Command (CENTCOM) leadership became involved. Those altered intelligence reports sometimes made it into the President’s briefing material, where they could reinforce his judgment that ISIS was not a threat he had to take seriously.

Worse, these altered intelligence reports formed the basis for sworn testimony given by then-CENTCOM Commander Lloyd Austin. General Austin’s testimony to Congress thus painted a rosier picture than was accurate. This gave allies of the President in Congress the opportunity to downplay the need for policy changes, and undermined Republican efforts to drive a more serious response to the ISIS threat. Such false statements by General Austin may have been perjury, especially if he was aware that they were false.

In a familiar pattern of behavior, it looks as if senior officials have been destroying records — especially emails — to block the ongoing Defense Department Inspector General investigation.

no-shariaMinnesota: Muslim demands use of sharia law, U.S. court rejects

A state court in Minnesota, which already is heavily influenced by a large population of Muslim immigrants and has one district represented in Congress by a Muslim, has decided that in America, it’s American inheritance law that applies.

The recent ruling from the Court of Appeals affirmed a Hennepin County District Court decision that the widow, Nariman Sirag Elsayed Khalil, of a taxi driver who died in an accident should be the one to benefit from a $183,000 settlement over her husband’s death.

It was the cab driver’s brother who argued in court that Islamic law should apply, so that the widow of Nadir Ibrahim Ombabi would only get 25 percent of the wrongful death settlement, 16.7 percent should go to his mother’s estate and the rest to Ombabi’s siblings, “with the males to receive ‘twice the share of the female.’”

canadian identity

What is Canadian identity? “Multiculturalism and maple syrup” isn’t good enough

I am not ashamed at all of Canada’s heritage. Canada was a monarchy, not a republic, built by the great British and French regime. Those are Canada’s glorious roots. Yet Canada was never exclusive — you needn’t be a Briton, a Frenchman or a Native to be Canadian. Anyone could adopt that identity, and become a Canadian under the Red Ensign.

Together with the Brits, Canadians fought the Boer War to the Korean War and everything in between. Canada has endless resources, nature and beauty from coast to coast and is brimming with more freedom and power than most nations on this earth.

And yet? We’ve come to this.

A country that seems to have taken a full turn into the identity crisis of a 16 year old child.

hillary cnnHere’s ten minutes of CNN cutting people’s mics when they dare criticize Hillary

Note to pundits, journalists, witnesses, and commentators who would dare speak the truth about Hillary Clinton. You are not welcome on CNN.  They have no interest in hearing the facts of Mrs. Clinton’s life.  They don’t fit the obviously-biased narrative they’re building, and they’ll be damned if they’re going to let you sit there and use their airwaves to inform people.

The once and future Queen must be protected at all costs.  Speak ill of her and CNN’s gestapo will shout you down and cut you off with extreme prejudice – regardless of the accuracy of your comments.

car-controlWhat Hillary Has In Mind Is Far More Devious Than Abolishing The Second Amendment

At the heart of Hillary Clinton’s attack on the human right of armed self-defense is her full-frontal assault on the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, a mouthful more easily remembered as the PLCAA.

Hillary Clinton and several allies have been consistently focusing on the PLCAA for months, claiming that it provides the firearms industry “immunity” from being held responsible for its actions.

This is a bold, direct, and intentional lie to the American people from Hillary Clinton.

Gun makers and sellers can be sued, and are being sued right now for both negligence and criminal actions.

UT logoUSA: ‘Cesspool’ of anti-Israel, racist behavior at University of Tennessee, says watchdog group

A national watchdog group uncovered what it called a “disturbing trend” of anti-Semitic behavior on the campus of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, with several students’ social media posts denigrating the Jewish faith and praising Adolf Hitler, The Algemeiner reported.

Canary Mission blamed the so-called “cesspool” of anti-Israel behavior on the university’s branches of Students for Justice in Palestine and the Muslim Students Association, according to last Thursday’s report.

105256651-Hijab-protest-alamy-NEWS-large_trans++qpOsX0G_3iQuFiQ5In5gs8njTzLyjtkXahErg8txP5gHijab-wearing Muslim women being passed over for jobs in last form of ‘acceptable’ discrimination – MPs

Muslim women who wear headscarves are routinely being passed over for jobs and sidelined in the workplace because of what is seen as one of the last forms of “acceptable” discrimination, MPs have warned.

Highly qualified women who have already overcome major barriers to train in professions such as law, are being written off because of crude assumptions that they are “submissive and weak”, a Commons report found.

Submissive? Islam means Peace!

Migrants-angela-merkel-6988516,000 migrants sue Germany over delayed asylum requests

Migrants – who should only be waiting a maximum of three months – have been told waiting times could be as long as two years, while complex cases may take even longer.

The number of delayed requests has more than doubled since last year, when the number of so-called “application for failure to act” proceedings stood at 2,300.

Now Merkel will have to stop all vetting to comply with the 3 month admission regulation.

El Alamein Cairo map

El Alamein Cairo map

Jihadis dig up Nazi mines buried in Egypt during WWII to boost their arsenal of deadly explosives

Egypt is thought to be home to more than 20 per cent of the total number of landmines in the world, with a massive swathe of land affected – some estimates put the total at about 15500 square miles.

The landmines were planted between 1940 and 1943 during the battles involving Britain and its allies, including Egyptian forces, fighting German and Italian forces for control of North Africa.