America’s Abandonment of Traditional Values Has Hurt the Black Community

One of the unavoidable consequences of youth is the tendency to think behavior we see today has always been. I’d like to dispute that vision, at least as it pertains to black people.

I graduated from Philadelphia’s Benjamin Franklin High School in 1954. Franklin’s predominantly black students were from the poorest North Philadelphia neighborhoods.

During those days, there were no policemen patrolling the hallways. Today, close to 400 police patrol Philadelphia schools.

  • Exile1981

    In a way the zika virus may destroy populations that have given up traditional values. If it is attaching to sperm and is doing the things the think it is it will destroy populations that value casual heterosexual sex.

    • Always a silver lining!

      • Exile1981

        of course it could be like aids/hiv where the most effected/highest risk groups took it as a license to be more recless which spread it into the general population.

        Look at the wide spread belief in africa that if an HIV infected man rapes a female virgin he will be cured. 20 years of teaching that isn’t true and we still see a rape epidemic committed by HIV infected men in Africa. The actions taken actually spread it faster.

        Imagine a similar belief among certain groups about Zika…

  • Editor

    Sorry Mr Williams, you are bringing logic, common sense and a moral compass to a fee-fees fight. As you so astutely pointed out, these values no longer matter so you will lose.

  • WalterBannon

    he is of course right

    but no one will listen except those who already know this

  • I tried to count the number of Black people in the photo of that BLM crowd. This is the number I came up with: 0 (zero). Zero Black people in that BLM protest.

    • Editor

      Yep, 95% young white women! Wimminz Studies departments are doing their job. Churning out unemployable SJW malcontents with a highly inflated sense of their own moral righteousness. Sad, really.