WTF?? The FBI Tipped RCMP About Our Peace Bonded Jihadi Wannabe…

FBI tip led RCMP to thwart possible terrorist act by Aaron Driver in Strathroy, Ont.

Police say it was an FBI tip early Wednesday that alerted them to the “imminent threat” posed by Aaron Driver, who was later killed in a confrontation in Strathroy, Ont.

RCMP Deputy Commissioner Mike Cabana says the tip included a video of Driver, 24, and a warning that he planned to detonate a homemade explosive device in an urban centre during morning or afternoon rush hour.

In the video, aired during a news conference in Ottawa, a masked Driver is seen railing against western “enemies of Islam” and warning that the only solution would be the “spilling of your blood.”

So Aaron Driver was under a Peace Bond and one assumes in some kind of regular contact with authorities but it took the FBI to let our security services know of his intentions.


Well I feel better now.

  • The FBI doesn’t seem to be doing anything here so they might as well.

    • We also had to hear our news about a terror threat from NBC…

      Why Do We Have To Learn About Canadian Terror Threats From American News Sources?

      • I believe in the next 24 hours you might see an article relating to the crisis that is modern day Canada. Possibly by breakfast.

      • mobuyus

        Why do we have to learn about Canadian terror threats from American news sources? omar alghabra for starters.

        • Justin St.Denis

          Because Canadian government institutions hate both Canada and Canadians. More questions?

        • Clink9

          “Against all enemies, Christian AND muslim” I think they’re missing half the puzzle.

      • Daviddowntown

        Anything to take the spotlight off the harpy.

      • jt

        It was the same with the attack on the hill who had the breaking news was its a Canadian net no it was Cnn.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Judging by the FBI’s past performance, thank God he wasn’t a Hillary supporter or you wouldn’t have heard anything.

  • ontario john

    I guess the RCMP didn’t want to upset their two officers that wear bags over their heads.

    • Good point, we have to respect their culture and stuff.

      • ontario john

        CBC interview with father, where father says he was glad the moron got involved with islam because it seemed to help him, and all religions have terrorists. Oooookay.

  • Slickfoot

    At least the RCMP got him before he killed anyone… Russia warned the FBI about the Boston bombers and look how that turned out.

  • Justin St.Denis

    I have pointed out before that the RCMP is so politicized as to be totally incapable of fulfilling its mandate. In other words, the RCMP is useless and needs to be shut down and MAYBE reconstituted.

  • Justin St.Denis

    What does CSIS do, I wonder…..

    Too many cooks islamicize whatever is on the stove…..

  • G2

    Perhaps, as a quid pro quo, someone in Canada could tip the FBI about Hillary Clinton. The FBI aren’t awesome and Aaron Driver is a pitiful sad sack who needs a long period of confinement and counselling.

    • JaedoDrax

      How do you counsel a corpse?

  • ontario john

    Of course no one wishes to talk about the elephant in the room, Islam. Lots of talk in the media about mental illness, troubled upbringing, and the rest of the crap. But the gutless vote whore politicians and socialist media won’t recognize the problem is Islam itself.

  • glasnost

    It appears that the FBI did the actual intelligence work, but they called in the RCMP to do the door-kicking since the RCMP are notoriously good at that.

  • FivePointSpurgeon

    Must’ve been too busy taking the Grey Cup from Queen Selfie to the Ottawa game last week to see after Mr. Driver.

  • marty_p

    You honestly expected more from “Dud-ley Do Right”?

  • Let it be said: the interest in stopping terrorism in this country lies somewhere between toe lint and cardboard.

    No one really cares.

    • But Justin took his shirt off!

      • Ugh.

        Driver was not being monitored by the RCMP, the same RCMP that failed to fix the Air India 182 debacle.