When You Come To America, Try Not To Piss Off Our Judges Because They Have An Amazing Amount of Latitude


Mulugeta Zemu Mana, 32, told the presiding judge at his Twin Falls bond hearing, “The only guilt I have is the day I decided to come to this country.”

His alleged victim is another refugee, Samuel Gebreegziabher. The arresting officer, Dzevad Mustafic, was also a resettled refugee whose country of origin is Bosnia and Herzegovina. Both disagree with Mana’s claim of innocence.

Mana told the judge he “didn’t care” if his bond was set as high as $100 million.

The judge obliged and set bond at $100 million.

Mana has a long criminal record since his arrival in the United States, most likely through the College of Southern Idaho’s Refugee Program. The program is a local refugee resettlement agency affiliated with the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants which has brought over a thousand Muslim refugees into this small city of 44,000 since 2011 from Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, and the Sudan.

  • Yup, let’s keep those gates wide open.

  • simus1

    At least he can practice his original profession in America –
    alcoholic druggie knifeman.
    Most other refugees and assorted migrant scamsters aren’t that fortunate.
    Twin Falls’ local rent seekers with tight DemocRat ties to the White House
    seem to be losing control of the narrative.

  • pdxnag

    No city, no matter how small, shall be free from Obama’s revenge! (Revenge for what precisely we do not know.)

    • Slickfoot

      For his mama being a slut.