They’re cute! But they’re bitey. But they’re cute! But they’re bitey. But they’re cute! But…

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Ever get bit and scratched by a racoon?
    I tell you, it sucks!

    • Slickfoot

      Raccoons are essentially a twenty five pound bear.

  • Jay Currie

    That is a little one.

    They are basically stripey bears. The broom is great, a handy baseball bat in your other hand is never a bad idea.

  • Brett_McS

    But I’m so cuuuuuute!

  • If you knew how many of those little devils I have shot…

    It is difficult but has to be done, they’re horrible pests here.

    • Kell

      I let my dogs have them…wanted Russian Arvcharka’s but insurance man said no way after some research…pit/ mastiff’s it is!

    • Waffle

      Waste not, want not — they make great warm coats!!!

  • Kell

    LOL! We have two, 116 and 107lbs, bull mastiff/ pit bull mixes who individually would have used that thing for practice! There would have been nothing left for me except to hose off the deck…

  • Blacksmith

    They are viscous little shits, they calm right down after a bullet to the brain pan though, so that is my method now.

  • Maggat