There could be dozens more jihadists like Aaron Driver

Canadian TerroristThere are several hundred Canadians who are either abroad waging jihad, have come back home from engaging in terror activities abroad or have expressed a desire to go but are still here. We know this because the RCMP and CSIS reveal the numbers every now and then.

  • Petrilia

    Perhaps the RCMP should keep closer tabs on terrorists. As one woman living close by, why didn’t they tell us? Imagine the TERROR of people living in that little community, I can’t. They can barely say if there is a pedophile, somehow I think this has to change. And for the FBI to have to tell the RCMP and CSIS, unforgivable. This could be TERROR right next to you and me, and we would have no way of knowing. Unacceptable in their own silly parlance. I want to know who is living next door or 3 doors down the street. Don’t you?

    • Yes but that’s work. The RCMP refuses to do that sort of thing.

  • Alain

    Gee, I still remember the time when none of this existed in Canada, but of course those were times when Canada was a Muslim-free country. It really is not difficult to make the connection.

    • Etobicoke_Gladiator

      Ah, the “good old days”, indeed. Frankly, I very rarely thought of Muslims or Islam until 9/11 and if I ever saw a hijab on a street in Toronto before 2001 I cannot recall. Now they’re everywhere and Justin wants to bring more and more. *sigh*

  • Will Quest

    seems like the MSM have decided to not speak his muslim name, the honorary name the jihadi adopts when a skinless-prick converts…..