House Task Force Confirms: ISIS Threat Was Altered in Intelligence Reports For Political Purposes

Last year the Daily Beast published a bombshell report featuring dozens of intelligence community whistleblowers alleging the Obama administration and top tier levels of the military were “cooking the books” on ISIS in order to paint a rosier picture for the American public and to downplay the real threat the terror army posed.

  • Okay, so I can understand if any Party in power is going to publicly refer to mistakes it makes euphemistically for PR purposes. But “cooking” the actual intelligence reports for political reasons?

    Even the former Soviet Union stopped doing that (I think it was under Brezhnev). The reason the former USSR got the Communist propaganda Officers out of intelligence reports is because it was skewing an accurate picture of the enemy — hence their responses to the enemy were likewise skewed and susceptible to failure from the get-go. The USSR did the same thing with scientific research — removed the political watchers from scientific research because they were getting inaccuracies where precision was critical.

    So I guess the “progressive” Obama admin is stuck somewhere between Stalin and Khrushchev — the 1950’s to the 1960’s — as far as giving propaganda priority over facts.