Terror suspect detonated bomb, about to set off second when killed by police, family says – Nat Post

In an interview with the National Post, Wayne Driver confirmed his son, an ardent ISIL supporter, had died when police raided the Strathroy, Ont., home where he was living with his sister.

“Yes, it was Aaron my son who was shot and killed earlier today. Our worst nightmare has come true. As sad and shocked as I am, it doesn’t surprise me that it has come to this. Aaron was a good kid who went down a dark path and couldn’t find the light again.”

The father said he did not understand how the 24-year-old was able to compile bomb materials while he was the subject of a terrorism peace bond. But he said he did not blame the police for their actions.

police line do not crossCanadian police kill terror suspect near Toronto – UPI

A Canadian Islamic State sympathizer suspected of planning a bombing was killed by police near Toronto Wednesday evening after a stand-off in his home, according to news reports.

Aaron Driver, 23, was suspected of plotting a suicide bombing of a major Canadian city, CTV News reported. Royal Canadian Mounted Police acted on information that Driver was about to launch the attack during rush hour, CTV News said.

aaron driver isisLone suspect killed in anti-terrorism operation in southern Ontario – CTV

A suspected ISIS sympathizer believed to be the lone suspect in a suicide bomb plot on a major Canadian city was killed Wednesday during a dramatic police takedown in a southern Ontario town, CTV News has learned.

Aaron Driver, 23, was killed inside a home in Strathroy, Ont., a community about 225 kilometres west of Toronto. He was well known to Canadian intelligence and police officials for his support for the Islamist terrorist group.

Police believe Driver was acting alone in the alleged plot, and there is no threat to public safety. But officials were swarming the Strathroy house until late Wednesday night, concerned about what may have been inside.

Canadian Banned From Contacting ISIS Dead After Police Operation – NBC

Apparently “Harun Abdurahman” was a gifted medium too.

We will update this story as more details become available.

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    Since I am the first comment in …. “He was a loner, rejected by girls, had mental problems and was teased and rejected by the other kids”.

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      “He was a loner, rejected by girls, had mental problems and was teased and rejected by the other kids”. Just like the prophette.

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    And of course the Toronto Star continues to be the only entity in the world that uses the word Daesh in regards to islamic terrorism. Yes, they are reporting he is a follower of Daesh.

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    According to authorities, he was going to detonate a bomb during rush hour in a major city. Does London with its population of 381,000, and just minutes from Strathroy, constitute a “major city” ? The London with a muslim population of over 30,000.

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      I’m sure when he saw the Arabic writing on the cop cars there, he would change bomb locations.

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