Report: British Authorities Still Ignoring Massive Pakistani-Led Child Sex Ring

A new investigation by the Daily Express has found that the massive Rotherham child sex exploitation ring whose discovery rocked England two years ago is not only still in operation, but is as strong as ever. Reports from social workers, police, residents, and abuse victims all said the same thing: It’s still happening on an “industrial scale.”

In 2014, an independent inquiry led by Alexis Jay, a former senior social worker, found that men of Pakistani origin had groomed at least 1,400 young girls for sexual exploitation over the previous 16 years. These girls, as young as 12, were variously raped, abducted, tortured, and forced into prostitution. Keep in mind, this happened—and is still happening—in the heart of England, not some far-flung banana republic.

  • FactsWillOut

    England now officially sucks.

    This could never happen in gun-toting Texas, or Vermont, or Arizona…

  • truepeers

    The writer says multiculturalism trumps rape victims. Not exactly. If the rape gangs were, say, Chinese or Hindu, i really doubt it would still be going on. No, the cops, social workers, pols., etc., are specifically scared of Paks/Muslims because they know the truth that dare not speak its name: a lot of them are at war with Britain and the West. They will have to learn to fight if they want their family lines to survive, or want any dignity again.

    • xavier

      Time to exploit the weak link, the jealousies etc. Time to crack open Red Harvest and Shakespeare to inspiration. It’seems a straight up Cosa nostra type case. Take down the families

  • Jay Currie

    Reading this article it is pretty clear the cops and the social workers are terrified of the Muzzies. Partially for fear of being accused of racism, mainly because they are pussies.

  • Gary

    I have no problem believing that it’s going on right here in Toronto since our Black Police Chief is a islamophile.