RCMP: Aaron Driver, Wannabe Jihadi Killed In Raid…. One of their “Free Range Jihadis”

Latest: Lone suspect killed in anti-terrorism operation in southern Ontario

A suspected ISIS sympathizer believed to be the lone suspect in a suicide bomb plot on a major Canadian city was killed Wednesday during a dramatic police takedown in a southern Ontario town, CTV News has learned.

Aaron Driver, 23, was killed inside a home in Strathroy, Ont., a community about 225 kilometres west of Toronto. He was well known to Canadian intelligence and police officials for his support for the Islamist terrorist group.

Update – Aaron Daniel Driver was an idiot convert and “terrorist supporter” who was ordered to reside in Strathroy under terms of a peace bond.  While Aaron never made it to Syria he was an RCMP Free Range Jihadi. The RCMP have allowed Muslim terrorists who have returned from Syria to walk among us – if they say they’re “Sorry”.

Don’t you feel better now?

PS. Given this guy is a lunatic convert I hope we aren’t seeing a repeat of the Methadone Muslim Caper in BC.

How far was he able to advance his plans while under his “peace bond”? How closely was he monitored?

RCMP detain “ISIS” affiliated suspect in terror threat

RCMP say they have stopped a potential terrorist threat, after police forces were put on high alert.

The RCMP said in a statement they received “credible information of a potential terrorist threat” earlier Wednesday.

“A suspect was identified and the proper course of action has been taken to ensure that there is no danger to the public’s safety,” the statement said.

Saw this tweet about a raid in Strathroy Ontario.

Aaron Daniel Driver, a “terrorist supporter” was ordered to reside in Strathroy ON under a “Peace Bond”

Note the pic from the article, compare it to the CBC pic below which they state is from an RCMP release on the terror arrest – looks familiar. Especially the apparent scar on the left eyebrow, visible in both pics. I have never been a fan of the RCMP’s “Free Range Jihadi” program, this is why.

Aaron Daniel Driver Strathroy

Alleged terrorist pictured below, from the CBC

Canadian Terrorist

Aaron Daniel Driver Strathroy Pictured in CBC article

  • JaedoDrax

    now is this going to turn out to be an actual threat, or a “mr. big” style plot?


    • Well we will have to wait and see, I have to wonder how far he was able to advance his designs assuming the RCMP were happy with adherence to the conditions of the peace bond.

      • I don’t think it’s drugs or mental illness that “converts” native-born citizens in the West. I think it’s the incessant Government Left-wing propaganda painting Muslims as victims of the West and the incessant phony cries of “Islamophobia”. It’s reasonable to believe that at least some of our youth are going to believe our Government propaganda and want to help the “victims” of Islamophobia. For some that means going the full monty and joining in Islamic terrorism.

        There’s plenty of precedent for that phenomenon — heck there were scads of North Americans and Western Europeans who joined the various Latin American and African Communist guerrilla movements during the ’80’s who the Media romanticized and Government often portrayed as representing the “victims”. Naturally some joined in taking up arms and actually killed people.

        • El Martyachi

          That’s the thing though. Or, rather, a thing. Such elements have existed for time immemorial. It’s a collective madness preventing reasonable response.

          • Like a collective hysteria. Not that I don’t think there are circumstances under which the citizenry has the right to take up arms against a despotic Government. But in the Communist guerrilla example their new Governments were always far worse than the old. The same is happening with the Islamic Jihad, but far, far worse.

          • El Martyachi

            Speaking of that…

            Trump shouldn’t have backed away from the 2A comment. Just like he shouldn’t have backed away from the nuke comment. Hawks are as valid as doves.

          • And backing away from the 2A comment means likewise surrendering 1A rights.

    • Apparently he detonated a bomb when the police arrived.

  • CTV says he’s a white guy with “no accent”. I’m wondering if it’s Justin Trudeau — looks a lot like him from what you can see of his face under the balaclava. I remember a news report of Justin praying the Shahada in a Mosque he was visiting. I’m pretty sure it’s the P.M.

    • That was my first guess.

      • Apparently the way he was captured is the cops lured him out of his hideout with a selfie stick.

    • Bharatgopal Rajagopalan

      hehe “Aaron driver from winnipeg was a white terrorist”. Stop living in denial.

  • ntt1

    The RCMP has absolutely no credibility. the muslim is probably a much greater threat or is part of a larger group but due to the RCMPs politically correct posturing we will never know until more Canadians are butchered to assuage short pant trudeau’s whim to import violent thugs

    • Justin St.Denis

      The RCMP, like the OPP and the QPP, are a fucking joke and have been for several decades now. I’ve a nephew who is a career RCMP officer and has been a total asshole his entire life. The RCMP keeps promoting this semi-literate asshole/bully whose own parents avoid him like the proverbial plague.

  • JaedoDrax

    CTV news is reporting the suspect is deceased. Did the RCMP shoot him before or after he was “detained”?


  • Dang, they don’t say much. So how was he killed — was there a firefight or something?

    Plus I don’t understand how they can let returning Muslim terrorists from Syria just “walk”, even if they express regret. These people should at least be investigated for murder or any crimes against humanity that they may have committed over there.

    • There’s update post now.

    • Kell

      No, they should be staked out and fed to starved pigs, video it and broadcast to muslim countries, rinse and repeat as necessary!
      THAT’s a message they’ll receive!

  • ontario john

    While other stations were talking about the breaking news last night, the CBC had a heart warming story about a Syrian kid playing the piano. That one billion dollars a year spent on the CBC is well spent. And of course the Globe and Mail quickly closed the comments section on the story. Must not say anything negative about islam in Sunny Ways Canada.

  • robins111

    Aaron Driver, funny how they use his birth name, not his Islamic one… they went the other way when Gamil Gharbi shot up a school in Montreal, wonder why that was????

    • Bharatgopal Rajagopalan

      but he was still white.

      • robins111

        20% of muslums are white.