Ottawa police chief defends hiring of “unsuitable” Somali-Canadian constable

Ottawa’s police chief is defending his decision to hire a Somali-Canadian man as a constable despite concerns about both the timing and the new officer’s driving record.

…according to excerpts from a civilian background investigator’s resignation letter published by Postmedia, the officer was hired for “political reasons” and his multiple convictions under the Highway Traffic Act, inconsistencies in his application, and previous negative interactions with police while being pulled over made him “unsuitable” for police work.

It’s called the soft bigotry of low expectations… except in Canada where it’s called “Diversity”

Here’s the original story;  Ottawa police background investigator resigns, says Somali-Canadian hired for ‘political reasons’

On the same day Abdirahman Abdi was pronounced dead, Ottawa police moved to hire a Somali-Canadian man who had failed a background check, prompting the civilian investigator in charge of vetting officers to resign, Postmedia has learned.

  • jt

    One of the demands of the Somali community is a safe zone from police.

  • Dmsj50

    Many years ago a Somali diplomat rented a home in my neighborhood. I assume that since he was a diplomat, he was of the elite of his nation. He moved in with multiple wives and more children than should have lived in a five bedroom home. His lawn was never maintained and children’s toys were allowed to remain in the street. The biggest problem was the diplomats speeding on the wrong side of the road day and night. Needless to say, diplomatic immunity protected him from punishment. There is a reason that Somali is the poorest and most dis functional country in Africa. Let them emigrate to somewhere else.

    • Dave

      It might not protect them from the house accidentally burning down.
      Just sayin’

  • Gary

    I had commented before about something that I found dangerous for the Diversity policy.
    When I heard that a Toronto Cop doesn’t have to be born in Canada I had called to TPS Human resources to confirm it. Then I asked then how they do a background check to know they have no criminal issues or have valid Diploma’s .
    I could not believe that the Toronto Police HR dept told me that they trust the person to be honest and wouldn’t lie on the application .
    So , canadians get screened like crazy to have a gun……but some bogus refugee from a hell-hole that had fake ID and a forged Passport can parachute into Toronto to be a Cop and carry a gun .

    Liberals will get us KILLED .
    The somali mosques have been pumping out terrorists , there are somali drug gangs using their money for wars back home.

    yet these a-holes like Trudeau , Wynne and Tory don’t care how many canadians get slaughtered by their Diversity policy. Even if a Jihadist Cop uses the police car as a bomb to go off next to a day care or jewish temple, the brain dead dolts still won’y change their sunny ways and just keep bringing in people that want us DEAD.