Now the Secret Service steps into Trump ‘incitement to violence’ row: Agents speak to campaign ‘more than once’ about his call for ‘Second Amendment’ action against Clinton

The Secret Service has said it has had ‘more than one conversation’ with Donald Trump’s campaign after he delivered what was seen as an incitement to violence against Hillary Clinton.

U.S. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton gestures as she speaks during a rally at Lincoln High School in Des Moines, Iowa August 10, 2016. REUTERS/Chris Keane - RTSMHG2

Clinton Accuses Trump Of Inciting Violence

At a rally in Des Moines, Iowa, Mrs Clinton said Mr Trump had “crossed the line” by saying there may be something gun rights supporters “can do” to stop her.

  • That’s silly.

    • Who do they work for?

      • WalterBannon

        Conservatives are all talk pussies.

        If we were action oriented extremists instead of libertarian loudmouths the civil war would already be on and Clinton would have her head on a pike.

  • GrimmCreeper

    Secret Service should me more concerned with the liquor store owner selling her her daily fix. The cow is more apt to tumble down a flight of stairs.

  • Who cares what anyone thinks Trump may or may not have meant? He already clarified what he meant and no one is in the position to prove otherwise unless they think they have magical mind-reading abilities. The fact is Trump didn’t tell anybody to go kill anybody (as Obama’s BLM regularly do), and to claim that he did is libelous and clearly actionable.

    The bottom line is Trump was talking about the Supreme Court potentially monkeying with the second amendment — the latter of which enshrines the right to bear arms in case of a despotic Government. One would assume that the Constitutional right to bear arms would be especially applicable if Government did in fact try to take away the Constitutional right to bear arms! Ipso facto.

    The Left makes a circular argument (hence an error in logic) and they are masters at it. Plus they throw in a bit of libel and voilà! — nobody can have a mature debate about the issue anymore because they’ve succeeded once again in stifling free speech by criminalizing it. The latter of which is likewise a violation of the Constitution — the first Amendment — and likewise could be a reason to bear arms. The Democrats are essentially trying to smash both the First and Second Amendments in one fell swoop.

    • V10_Rob

      We get that. Politically neutral and undecideds mostly get it. People with Trump Derangement Syndrome don’t. I listen to them around the proverbial water cooler. They read the headline “TRUMP CALLS FOR HILLARY TO BE ASSASSINATED!” and that’s as close as they examined the incident. An objective observer would look at it and call it a clumsy attempt at dark humor. They literally believe Trump was waving a gun in the air and said “I’m going to go kill that bitch right now and skull**** the bullethole in her forehead, who’s with me?!”, as the crowd bayed for blood.

      • Millie_Woods

        You just described my ideal candidate.

      • The mainstream Media has gone totally tabloid — it’s the kind of stuff that you used to see published by the likes of World Weekly News, not by serious journalists:

        By Elsa Akesson on May 19, 2011

        NEW YORK – Donald Trump will run for President in France next year.

        After announcing he would not seek the Republican nomination for 2012 yesterday, Trump revealed today that he has not given up on his political aspirations. They have just crossed the pond.
        He’s decided to pursue a run for president in France. Trump will face the incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy in next year’s election.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    The Trump Campaign says the S.S. never said anything to them and that CNN is making it all up.

    • This truly is the greatest political season ever.

    • I know this election is different in many ways. But I’m curious as a Canadian to know from your perspective how different it is in terms of hyperbole and exaggerated claims compared to other elections. Or do you think it’s about the same on that level.

      And is this all going to calm down like it normally does after an election, or is there more trouble ahead. What’s your sense?

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        I would say this election is about a “90”, on a scale from 1 to 10.
        I think this post-election season will surpass the year 2000 in absolute drama and I wouldn’t be surprised to see actual acts of non-Islamic “insurrection” coming from either side that looses.
        In a lot of ways, this year is ‘one for the books’. Maybe we will surpass some freakishness that happened when Andrew Jackson was elected which had mobs storming the White House prior to Inauguration Day because they wanted the previous President gone that much sooner.

        I’d describe this year as “extra crispy” as opposed to our traditional recipe for political insanity.

        • Thanks DbN. It’s been exciting to say the least, and seems to be followed by everyone around the globe. The last time I even marginally followed an American election there were commercials from both sides with candidates accusing each other of being “Hitler” or working for the “Mafia” etc. But these were usually local ads from small Media outlets that didn’t get National coverage. Then everybody basically shook hands and were friends again after it was over. I guess this one’s really going to be one for the history books, and portents something big. Something globally significant.

          • Will Quest

            The ‘progressive’ democrats are weaving the baskets that will take everyone str8 to HELL …….

  • Cat-astrophe

    Trump is just shaking the old lemon tree…all the old sour pusses are leaping in like the pawns they are

  • mauser 98


    “Private videos of Hillary shot by her to be released,”
    “Huma Abedin is the leak.”
    “The post claims Russia Today has the videos — given to them by J.A. (likely Julian Assange) — and will air them likely Saturday.”

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Read the comments. That website is by and for wackos.

      • mauser 98

        yes it is …yet others more stable (?) .. are repeating it
        probably a crock

  • WalterBannon

    She has that fascist salute down pat…

  • Jay Currie

    The entertainment value of a) Trump b) the left MSM really do make this an election for the ages. Poor CNN, if Trump wins they will all have to find jobs at the CBC.

  • Millie_Woods

    I have a voodoo doll of Hillary and I shove a hot needle up its ass whenever I’m pissed off. It’s driving the secret service crazy ’cause I never really threaten her but I’m making her life hell.