French waterpark cancels ‘burkini day’ event following widespread criticism

A French waterpark has cancelled its ‘burkini day’ after the event sparked widespread criticism.

The planned community event at Speedwater Park, near Marseille, was aimed at Muslim women and had been set to take place in September.

Organisers had stated that women wishing to come along had to be ‘covered from the chest to the knees’.

  • Martin B

    What’s the point of swimming in a sack?

    • Annejpatton3

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  • marty_p

    The waterpark at Canada’s Wonderland in Toronto allows Mo females to wear street clothes in the pool. Years ago when my wife complained that there were people in the pool in their street clothes, which blatantly violated the posted dress code of “only appropriate bathing attire permitted” the staffer told her to go to Customer Relations to complain. So my wife went and complained. Mgmt told her “we know” and did nothing.