Hungary blasts EU open borders as minister says ‘link between immigration and terrorism’

The country is set to hold a referendum to ask its citizens whether they support the EU’s current migration policy on October 2.

But Karoly Kontrat, the Minister of State of the Ministry of Interior, did not hold back on his criticism as he insisted there are hundreds of terrorists in Europe. 

He said: “It is clearly demonstrable and can be stated as a fact that there is a connection between immigration and terrorism.


  • Hungary should leave the EU.

    • Alain

      Every sane European country should leave.

      • infedel

        The globalist experiment of trying to create a united European state with a bureaucratic central federal government, like usa, will never work as each European country has its own thousand year history and unique culture….screw bankers and international corporations…countries and their people have more value than you.

      • Those are few in number.

  • Alain

    Being welfare states and allowing open borders is like the owner or manager of a department store welcoming with open arms shoplifters and assuring them they can steal whatever they like. Adding Muslims to the equation brings it to a whole new level.

    • Uncommunist

      Good point; does Canada give refugees $100 for housing plus $ 68 for meals — per day to live on ? I think they do.