Give Me Your Keys, Then We Can Talk About Open Borders

When was the last time you heard an open-borders globalist referred to as “right-wing”?

I’m drawing blanks, too.

The transnational corporate and media elites who seek to smash borders and force 7.4 billion fundamentally incompatible human cattle together into a single inescapable One World Ranch claim that their motive is a lofty one—they seek to end perpetual conflict between nations.

h/t FF

  • V10_Rob

    Move out of your gated communities with private security and enroll your kids in the public school system. Then I’ll listen.

    • xavier

      Agreed. In fact we should call out their bluff and ask how many refugees they’ve personally sponsored and put up in their 100 room mansions?

  • infedel

    They are few,we are many…stop them…name calling is a weak against angry armed citizens.

    • Martharsievers4

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  • Dana Garcia

    I would rather have conflict between nations than tribal wars in my town.