Clinton’s private server held emails about nuclear ‘spy’ executed in Iran: Aides discussed scientist ‘friend’ and his decision to return home after defecting to the U.S. for $5m

Hillary Clinton used her private email server to discuss details of the Iranian nuclear scientist who has executed for giving information to the CIA.

Shahram Amiri, who was hanged on Sunday for ‘revealing secrets to the enemy’, was in the US and allegedly informing on Tehran’s extensive nuclear program during the Democrat’s controversial reign as Secretary of State.

At the time she stressed researcher had been there of his ‘own free will’ and was described as ‘our friend’ in correspondences.

  • mauser 98
    • Something does seem weird.

      • Alain

        They only need to keep her upright until she is elected, then the real choice will take over as VP.

    • The Butterfly

      Remember how big a deal Democrats made of John McCain’s age, even though he was in perfect health?

    • Clink9

      As much as I can’t stand her and believe she’s the devil-in-a-pantsuit, she has to be one tough effin broad to keep going with the health issues.

      Conservatives have to work twice as hard to defeat this bitch.

      With all the food stamp and welfare creeps on her side. All of the media, BLM and education institutions bowing down to her.

      This is the end result of lefties having the ball in their end for decades. Good luck, USA. I hope she loses in a landslide.

      • mauser 98

        same here

        • Kell

          so why doesn’t someone up there DO something about it?

          • mauser 98

            huge public unions , teachers bribed with taxpayer $$ to vote for same government… like a snake eating itself

            voters numb..stupified

          • No alternative to the Left wing Media — total monopoly on news and political opinion, in addition to the humongous publicly-funded Government broadcaster (CBC) — totally Left irrespective of which Party is actually governing. Certainly no Media alternatives as large as Networks such as Fox in the U.S.

            Canada’s only hope is the U.S., imo.

  • mauser 98
    • The Butterfly

      Looks like a bit more than 50. Maybe 100 or so.

  • Ron MacDonald

    How many dead people is she responsible for now.

  • Will Quest

    As much has I would love to see Trump as president, the fresh air alone would suffice…. however I feel there is a caveat …….
    The world is currently headed to hellllll in a faux-Gucci-bag and I believe the radical lefties should own their pet demons. Obama/Clinton and their divisive identity politics with their baying simpletons should have to control their fire-storms, after all the leftie progressives have sown that madness let them reap their whirl-wind and face the consequences . They should have to stare into their abyss of lunacy and witness the various circles of helllllll, it should become recurring nightmares for the crazy lefties . I’d call that just-rewards……why should conservative carry that load of hug-wash…. go-Hill-go !
    Hellllary by hook or by CROOK !

  • DonaldDouglas

    I got you linked up, Blazing.

    Iran Executes Nuclear Scientist Who Hillary Clinton Had Discussed in Communications on Her Illegal Home-Brewed Private Email Server

  • simus1

    They will have to build a new wing on the Fort Leavenworth Military Prison Hospital solely for the isolation of her own infinite evilness.

    • Kell

      …right before The Wall

  • Kell

    Will you DO something with these annoying ass ‘infolink’ pop ups??? Holy shit is that annoying…I can see when we first come to the site but not every time I comment or back-page to more articles at your site!

    Hitlery got someone else killed and this surprises anyone?

    52 DOA and climbing…and its only August!

    • Daviddowntown

      AVG free download

      • Block pop-ups in browser, ad-blocker, etc, tons of free software out there…

        I’ve actually never seen a pop-up here — ever.

        • Clink9

          They crawl all over my iPad on this site.

          • Never used Ipad — but I assume there’s less control on smaller gadgets.

            Right now I’m on vpn and automatically blocking about 15 third-party sites on BCF. And I just jumped out of vpn to see how many third-party sites my software is blocking — about 20 sites on regular http. 20 third-party sites that need to be blocked is about average in my experience anywhere I go on the net.