UK: Muslims attack police in Tower Hamlets

Video shows gang of young men Muslims attack two police officers in London

Footage has emerged of Met Police officers coming under attack after stopping a car in Tower Hamlets, London.

Video uploaded to YouTube shows police arguing with a large group of men, who become increasingly aggressive towards the officers.

The men surround the officers as they try to rescue two of their friends, who were being restrained by police.

  • mobuyus

    Why don’t they just outright shoot these invading fuckers?

    • pdxnag

      That will happen only after free people decide that every last Muslim must be rounded up and expelled. Muslims will resist, trying to kill as many Kafir as they can. You can either yield to their supremacist demands or you can fight back, there is no other alternative.

      • SMC_BC

        Beside setting off a civil war, which is inevitable, another deterrent making the West hesitant is knowing non-Muslims within the middle will be massacred.

        • pdxnag

          The expected number of dead only goes up each day we delay.

    • chuck_2012

      the cops there don’t carry guns? at least up until little while ago.

      • mobuyus

        Those cops got to get with it and be cool and start carrying guns and shooting to death these islamic hooligans, if the they want to get with it an be cool.

        • vimy

          They need attack pigs…… It just makes sense.

  • ed

    muslims commit crime ,attack police , resist arrest, on a daily basis in the uk , all the police do is appease them , but put a rasher of bacon on a mosque wall and that will get you 12 months jail time !

    • Do that and the full force of the state will be upon you.

  • tom_billesley

    Tower Hamlets isn’t part of the UK any more, it’s a Sharia Zone.

  • Rosenmops

    These police desperately need guns.

  • Slickfoot

    That is the legal definition of ‘Lynching’; by attempting to remove a prisoner from police custody.

    • pdxnag

      Do do that prisoner harm?

      • Slickfoot

        No, that is the interesting thing; in US law forcibly removing a prisoner from police custody for any reason constitus lynching… A young black women interfered with the arrest of a BLM type and was duly charged with it.
        The common (and incorrect) notion is that it means illegal hanging.

  • lzzrd

    After all of that, I only saw one in the end in cuffs……That my friends, is why God made 30 round magazines…….Just sayn’…..

    • Slickfoot

      Amen!… And load bearing gear to carry bunches of em.

  • GrimmCreeper

    “Gang of Young Men,” BINGO! Could the reporting be any more deceptive and fraudulent. These are Muslim thugs. Not simply young men. And they’re doing what they do, and have been doing around the globe forever. One day people are going to finally say enough of this $hit. And the little goat fckers aren’t going to like what they get.