Trump still a contender after bad week

“…Inevitably, some of the media will turn on Clinton as she is now clearly the front runner . In other words, Clinton has yet to be tested by the worst storms while Trump has and seems unfazed.

Given the way U.S. elections work, it’s a useful reminder that Trump doesn’t need the most votes – or popularity – to win. He just needs to win the most U.S. Electoral College votes, which are assigned on a state by state basis.

Al Gore beat George W. Bush 48.4% to 47.9% in the popular vote in 2000, but Bush became president because he won more Electoral College votes.

If Trump can win over undecided voters in swing states like Ohio, Florida, Nevada and Colorado, this race will be too close to call.

Finally, while many U.S. voters will not publicly declare for Trump as he’s been branded a racist and demagogue – they will vote for him in the anonymity of the voting booth. Indeed many voters are sympathetic to Trump because they see him as someone who is being unfairly beaten down – gang tackled by media, politicians and elites.”