Trump still a contender after bad week

“…Inevitably, some of the media will turn on Clinton as she is now clearly the front runner . In other words, Clinton has yet to be tested by the worst storms while Trump has and seems unfazed.

Given the way U.S. elections work, it’s a useful reminder that Trump doesn’t need the most votes – or popularity – to win. He just needs to win the most U.S. Electoral College votes, which are assigned on a state by state basis.

Al Gore beat George W. Bush 48.4% to 47.9% in the popular vote in 2000, but Bush became president because he won more Electoral College votes.

If Trump can win over undecided voters in swing states like Ohio, Florida, Nevada and Colorado, this race will be too close to call.

Finally, while many U.S. voters will not publicly declare for Trump as he’s been branded a racist and demagogue – they will vote for him in the anonymity of the voting booth. Indeed many voters are sympathetic to Trump because they see him as someone who is being unfairly beaten down – gang tackled by media, politicians and elites.”

  • “Finally, while many U.S. voters will not publicly declare for Trump as he’s been branded a racist and demagogue – they will vote for him in the anonymity of the voting booth.”

    I think that’s what is going to happen. Although it is rather bizarre speaking in terms of “the anonymity of the voting booth”. — the only places in the West where I’ve seen voter anonymity as critical to one’s security is in the Third World, when military dictatorships were being democratically replaced for example. It’s a sign of repression when people have to exercise strict anonymity when they vote — it’s a sign that there could be reprisals.

  • pdxnag

    Bad week? The Democrats are like Taz from the Bugs Bunny cartoons who jumps into the pit of a Honey Bucket then rises to spin around the world flinging his find in every direction. (Did it stick? Did it stick? Check the polls.)

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I prefer the spaghetti analogy.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Trump still draws overflow crowds at every speaking venue while Hillary bores her audiences. Os course, the media will exaggerate and falsify Trump’s negatives. They have never seen anything like his stream of consciousness approach to campaigning, but I, and I think many others, recognize the honesty behind it, and his positions on the issues more closely agree with our own. This will become more evident as the campaign proceeds.

  • Lorensacho

    I don’t think Donald Trump is a racist. His call to ban all Muslims until we “figure it out” is simply his plan to protect the motherland. That this plan is totally racist would not occur to him. He’s not a nuanced man. Another deplorably racist claim was when Trump referred to Mexicans as rapists and criminals without understanding that there are racists and criminals in all groups. When Trump uttered another foolish racist statement suggesting that a Hispanic judge could not possibly give Donald J. Trump a fair trial, he was not coming from a hatred of Hispanics but was just trying to put extra pressure on the judge to be careful how he handled Trump’s trial. Not too many American have the luxury of pressuring their judge without consequences. That Trump does not understand that this maneuver is racist and self-centered is further proof that he’s a morally shallow man. Putting himself ahead of the country will be his downfall whether he is elected or not.

    Many of Trump’s followers love him for liberating racism. At one of Trump’s rallies, a man shouted out, “kill the beaners” [1]. There have been all kinds of similar sentiments uttered at his rallies. For the first time since George Wallace ran for President, racism in America has been legitimized. This is very liberating for those with racist sentiments who for decades have been reviled and suppressed. It won’t matter what mistakes Trump makes, this core of racist supporters will stick by him. They will not give up their new found legitimacy very readily and will support Trump till the end. The real tragedy is that Mr. Trump does not appear to understand this or if he does, is needlessly playing with fire.

    The irony is that Donald Trump did not have to resort to policies with racist overtones, he had enough issues such as Hillary’s integrity, bringing back jobs and homeland security that would have made him a serious contender.

    Those who vote for Donald Trump must hate Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party a lot to risk electing a president whose core supporters enjoy making racism respectable. Isn’t there enough racism in America already.

    [1] New York Times August 3, 2016

    • Trump often speaks to supporters in common vernacular, instead of the flowery (often twisted) language of Politicians. Everybody knows exactly what he means, including the Left and the Media, because that’s the way everybody speaks in casual conversation. Their outrage is totally phony. And when Trump is scripted and more precise then he is good at that too. I think he is good at both.

    • ghost of benghazi

      So Dimond and Silk his main supporters are racist the Black Pastors who held a support Trump Rally today hate themselves. He is beating her with the latino vote. And taking enough of the black vote away to damage her big time. New York Times please.

    • El Martyachi

      But where is he on trannies? That’s the big question.

      • Clink9

        Stick shift or automatic ….

    • Clink9


  • Sid Falco

    He never got anyone hanged in Iran, did he?

  • ghost of benghazi

    Sun Media ha ha ha. He lets them get all wound up then gives his endorsment of the Three Amigos which catches everyone of gaurd. The Muslum dad is now a liability, TPP is shelved and Hillary called him her husband. Canadians should be quit. If he wins he will probably rip Justins panties off and stuff them down his throat. He hates NAFTA. Best summer ever.