The Press and Pollsters Are Putting Too Much Cornstarch in the Cherry Pie

That’s the short take of my friend Thomas Lipscomb and I have to agree with him.

Contrary to most of the media-sponsored polls (The LA Times stands alone now calling the race a tie at last view), I agree with this one: Trump will draw in millions of voters who didn’t show up to the polls before and he will beat Hillary Clinton.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    When I’m stuck in a bunker somewhere when it’s thirty five below in November it will keep me warm when Trump wins.

    • So you landed your “dream job” in Canada’s Siberia after all. Look at it this way, after David Suzuki lobbies Justin to build concentration camps for climate deniers up there, then at least we criminals who end up there will already have an “insider”. You are hereby named “Commander of the Northern Partisans” — you are charged with organizing the underground for escapees from Suzuki’s camps to the U.S.

      • At least it won’t take long to send a post card.

  • I think Republicans are missing the most important determinants of a rigged vote:
    1/ The possibility of many non-citizens voting because of loose ID requirements in some States.
    2/ The electronic voting systems in some States that can be hacked, with no backup paper trail to verify that they were not in fact hacked.

    The Donald and Republicans need to get on top of those issues NOW and demand that they be addressed, instead of being resigned to the idea that “the election will be rigged”.

  • RAMA44

    Good article .BTW It looks like Cankle’s chickens are coming home to roost

  • mauser 98

    Clinton Body Count: +5 in six weeks